January 4, 2017
We are looking for an experienced mobile developer to realize the cross-platform mobile app for our brand-new product Fanpage Karma Engage. Engage is an online tool that bundles conversations and messages from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and even emails in a single inbox. It helps teams of social media and community managers to reply quickly and never get lost of a conversation. Find out more at You will bring Engage to everybody’s mobile phone.

We are looking for a mobile developer who will help us to get the existing drafts of the beautiful mobile app to life and to set-up the required environment. The app will connect to the existing RESTful backend. You will be working closely with our development and design team to get the best speed possible. You’re pragmatic and want to get things launched.

You proved your mobile development skills in relevant projects and can provide experience in React Native.

As our team mostly speaks German, we expect you to be fluent in German.

This is a freelance position.

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uphill GmbH

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