Full-stack Developer (ReactJS, Java, Google Cloud) // Small Improvements

Februar 3, 2017
Feedback helps people improve! Our feedback platform serves 700+ customers worldwide, including Pinterest, Soundcloud, Quiksilver and Twitch. We’re looking for a full stack developer who loves to build and ship features, and who cares deeply for quality and customer experience.

We help our customers communicate better. We serve SoundCloud, Quiksilver, Pinterest, Sendgrid and 700 more.

Do you like backend and frontend-code alike, and are happy to fill in the gaps that you might still have? We’re now looking for a Full Stack Developer (ReactJS, Java) who enjoys feature work and architecture alike.

About us

Our product is a feedback platform. Our clients‘ staff use it to give and receive feedback about their work, to set goals and objectives and to praise each other for a job well done. (We use it internally too of course.) It’s a userfriendly product, enabled by a very configurable and complex backend.

Our tech stack includes Java on Google App Engine, Spring, Groovy & Spock, Elastic Search, Kibana, Gradle, React, Gulp, Webpack and some Node. Learn more on our Tech Stack page.

What you’ll do

You’ll be in charge of developing medium-sized features right away: You’ll participate at the planning stage and make your voice heard. You’ll work closely with designers and with our customer success team, and you’ll demo prototypes to clients to gather their feedback. You’ll help writing release notes, a launch blogpost and the documentation too.

Small Improvements is ever-changing: One month you’ll build an entirely new feature, one month you’ll refine an existing one, and then you’ll spend some time on nonfunctional requirements such as performance, security or architecture.

Who we’re looking for

This is a very hands-on position. You’ll fit in perfectly if:

  • You just love to code, and improve every day
  • You have 3+ years of experience on fast-paced web applications and products
  • You strive for clean maintainable code, and know how to test thoroughly
  • You have worked with agile processes and in small companies
  • You’re pragmatic and have a history of getting things launched
  • You’re a self-starter who will seek out product improvements on your own

We’re serious about our open and tolerant company culture. We’re looking for friendly and bright people who can develop a great product without developing a huge ego.

More reasons to work at SI

We’re international: We’re 20 people on 3 continents, we sell mainly to the US and to Australia, and all our written communication is in English.

We’re self-funded, transparent and profitable, and our customer base is growing. We frequently ship new features and focus on quality product rather than on aggressive sales.

We have very few regular meetings so you can focus on work, and we keep processes to a bare minimum. Need to change something? Just do it! You’ll participate in our Hackathons and ShipIt weeks, and you’ll contribute to our product blog and to our tech blog.

Our new office at Hackescher Markt is is stylish yet cozy, has plenty of doors and enables you to focus on work. There are free snacks, fresh fruit, juices, tea and lemonades, you can make your own lattes with our amazing coffee machine, and we never run out of Club Mate.

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Small Improvements

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