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October 11, 2018

Thursday, 7:52 pm, Berlin-Mitte: You are walking towards the setting sun, a pleased smile on your face. A relaxing heaviness on your eyes soothes you, the sunlight gets tangled up in your eyelashes. Afar, you spot the blue and white „U“ – your way home is in sight.

It feels good thinking of tomorrow: No pressure, no need to be at the office at 8 am – everyone at their own pace. And the pace is good. Fast, but good.

The last days were hard, but the work’s exciting. You and the team did a great job and the launch is coming closer. A last fine tuning and you’re good to go. The mood is good, everyone’s excited and pulls together. No matter if in the office or the bar next door, all eyes are wide and awake. Everyone’s hungry for more.

Get up late and stay long – or the other way around, as you please – and sometimes even from home. If this scenario makes you grin we’ve got good news for you: We’re hiring an Android Developer! We’re looking for characters to join our fresh and new startup in Berlin.

If thinking of a hard working team, playing by its own rules and in its own pace in the middle of Berlin, makes your palms sweaty – read on!

About you 

We are looking for a positive person that stays focused, no matter how stressful it might be, that constantly wants to learn and improve, that loves work but doesn’t forget that it’s not everything, that stays honest and forward-looking even when it should get unpleasant.

We couldn’t care more about the interpersonal level. You should be interested in Digital Businesses and „live“ it.

Helpful skills 

  • solid knowledge in Java, experience in Kotlin is a plus
  • Experience in common Android libraries such as Retrofit, Dagger2, RxJava, etc.
  • Experience in developing Client-/Server App using RESTful APIs, JSON, XML
  • Experience with Unit-/ Integration-/ UI-Testing
  • you know about common architecture patterns such as MVVM and MVP
  • if you’ve looked in or used Android Architecture Components (e.g. Room,  LiveData, etc.) that’s a plus
  • you  to learn new technologies and paradigms
  • you’re able to solve problems on your own and within the team and achieve the goals you set yourself
  • you’re flexible, responsible and a team player
  • very good English skills, German skills are a plus

What’s in for you 

You get everything you need: Notebook, smartphone, necessary software and tools.

Your weekly hours of work are 30-40 hours on average. There are no fixed working hours – except for agreed dates, e. g. regular weekly meetings.

You can work flexible from wherever you want to. At first you will spend a lot of time in Berlin, to get to know the team. Then you can work from home, the beach or in our office in Berlin – the only thing you need is a stable internet connection.

We love initiative and self-realization. Apart from your work at antivity you can obviously take care of your own projects and ideas. Furthermore we facilitate the participation in relevant training courses.

Your range of tasks 

Your tasks are versatile: You see it, you do it. You are in control most of the time – that means you do tasks yourself, assign them to someone else or put together a team.

  • Responsibility of further development and publishing of our Android App
  • Interdisciplinary work with the product-management, engineering and design departments to create an awesome experience for our users

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