Backend Developer // Twyla

September 11, 2017
Twyla is a seed-funded startup in Berlin, developing the next generation of enterprise conversational technologies. Our chatbots bring together machine learning and rule-based techniques in product that is intuitive enough for non-technical people to use. Additionally we are focused on liberating complex enterprise data to power these chatbots and deliver superior customer service.

At Twyla we are both developing our underlying architecture using hybrid machine learning and rule-based chatbot technologies, as well as integrations into enterprise systems to enable the bots to be powered by enterprise data.

You’ll be part of a team of four other backend devs working on the core platform of Twyla’s chatbot and enterprise integration technologies.

This role will be focused on the development of better integrations into enterprise data systems to provide third-party data into Twyla chatbots.

You will be exposed to different clients with different challenges to solve and you will have the opportunity to broaden your career development into areas of machine learning, natural language processing and other aspects of the Twyla stack.

The work brings the opportunity to explore and define new approaches to the challenges of this new frontier of chatbot technologies.

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