Backend Engineer node.js // Share the Meal

November 28, 2017

Are you looking for a meaningful place to work and do you want to be a part of a collaborative team of people who want to end global hunger? Look no further.

As a backend engineer for ShareTheMeal you will be responsible for the technical development of our node.js – based API as well as for our AWS-based server and network infrastructure which serves thousands of concurrently active users. You will integrate our backend with various third party services and extend it with new functionalities in close cooperation with our mobile app developers. Iterating and a/b testing new features and helping us personalize the user experience will also be part of your job. Together, we want to create a high-performing and exciting product that makes it easy for our users to help make this world a better place!

What you bring:

  • 5+ years experience in developing and designing backend architectures
  • Good knowledge of node.js development and embracing principles of clean code, test driven development and agile development processes
  • Experience building large-scale backends designed to serve thousands or more concurrently active users

What we offer:

  • A competitive salary
  • Talented, enthusiastic and driven co-workers who want to change the world – with the right mix of hard work and fun
  • Last but definitely not least, this is your opportunity to make this world a better place! You will help end global hunger.

The Stack:
Our backend is written in node.js and runs on AWS (EC2, S3, Opswork, Cloudwatch, SNS, CloudFront, Route53, Amazon RDS, etc.) with Continuous Integration and Test Automation. We develop native on iOS with Swift and in Java for Android. Other tools include Contentful and Loco.

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