Blockchain/Smart Contract Developer //

June 18, 2018

At we are building the systems and infrastructure for production-grade blockchain applications that solve real-world needs of today and tomorrow. We are looking for a Blockchain Developer (both recent graduates and experienced engineers) to join our engineering and blockchain systems team building world-changing decentralized applications in Berlin.
You would work as a core member of the engineering team pushing forward the capabilities and scalability of our blockchain solutions – in particular with a focus on building robust and effective smart contract systems.
We are happy to work with and train skilled developers who do not have extensive Solidity or Ethereum development experience. We are looking for developers who love to push the cutting edge and create world-class systems.


  • Strong software development expertise with preference for experience in Go, C/C++, Javascript
  • Experience with Solidity and Smart Contract Development is strongly preferred
  • Experience with CI/CD workflows and tooling
  • BA/MA degree in CS or related subjects is preferred
  • Experience in Node.js and microservices-based backend systems is a plus
  • Strong desire to work on creating novel solutions to tough technical problems
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