App Developer // Takumi

January 26, 2018

Takumi is looking to grow its product team in Berlin. Takumi is an international company with offices in Berlin, New York, London and Reykjavík. We are a leading international influencer marketing platform with a managed approach, and we believe influencers should pick brands (not the other way around). We’ve reached significant milestones in 2017 such as 20,000 paid influencer posts, new region launches and 1,000 brand campaigns across industry verticals such as cosmetics, food, restaurants, retail and fashion.

We are looking for on-premise, full time applicants only. Benefits include iPhone X, Macbook TouchBar and competitive salary. Our team is a remote development team so devs have a lot of freedom to travel, work from home etc.

Our stack is in Python, PostgreSQL, Redis, React, React Native and lots of AWS tools. We have a pretty cool CI build pipeline built on Kubernetes and Circle CI. Our influencer app has recently been ported to Expo (non-ejected) which makes it FUN to develop the app.

The ideal candidate

  • has worked on clients that involve CI and testing
  • knows how to balance longevity and productivity (doesn’t just shout premature optimization at everything)
  • sees themself as a product person as much as a coder
  • is probably comfortable where they are now, but wants to see what’s out there

More about the workplace

We are a family friendly workplace with a sane work culture. We are working on some awesome products with polish and great design. We have company-wide get togethers every year in cool locations and we make sure everyone gets a chance to meet each other.

Do not hesitate to contact me (the technical co-founder) if you are curious or would like to get coffee to know more about Takumi and our workplace or technology. Our office is in Mindspace, Krausenstraße.

Visit the company website