Frontend Developer // Plugsurfing

February 14, 2018

Who We Are

We help electric car drivers to charge their car anywhere, anytime. Not familiar with the world of e-mobility? Do not worry, it’s really exciting. New market, new opportunities, small and big players, and the possibility to really contribute to a sustainable and democratic market not dominated by very large companies.

Plugsurfing has been funded by German, American, and Finnish investors and is ready to expand its business. We are a dedicated and hard-working team, focused on our goal to become the number one player for electric car charging. We look forward to having you on our team!

  • All written communication is in English
  • SCRUM processes
  • Continuous integration with Phabricator, Jenkins, and Ansible
  • Team code review
  • Our tech stack:
    • Angular
    • RESTful and “JSON over HTTP” APIs
    • PHP (Symfony)
    • MySQL/Redis

Top Reasons to Work With Us

  • We connect dozens of leading brands with thousands of customers.
  • As a first mover we are always open for innovation.
  • We are a close knit team of 14 people.

What You Will Be Doing

You will conceptualize and develop our web frontends. New frontends will be developed from scratch and you are expected to work closely with our backend team and user experience.

The web frontends are the gateways to our data. Our server provides you with two APIs, a new RESTful API and a JSON over HTTP API. Each frontend will only connect to to one of the APIs. You will work closely with the backend team during API Development, generating best practices. You will help our API clients realize their visions by providing best practices, training, and hands-on assistance.

Our core technologies that you will be working with are:

  • Angular
  • JavaScript (TypeScript very welcome)
  • REST
  • JSON over HTTP

Your Profile

Experience with:

  • 4+ years of frontend development
  • REST and JSON over HTTP interfaces
  • Enthusiastic about clean code
  • Unit/functional testing
  • Applying principles like, for example, SOLID or DRY
  • Git (or similar)
  • A plus: contributions to any open-source project

Interested? If so, please send your application to We look forward to meeting you!

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