Full-stack Developer // NRC

December 12, 2018

What keeps you at your current job? Is it a sense of calling or is it simply to pay the bills?

What if your mission was to transform an age-old sector and immediately improve the lives of millions of refugees around the world?

We’re much like a startup within a big organization. We save lives by building digital tools. We call ourselves the D Team.

The technical challenges we face are truly immense: we need to lay down the foundation for all our digital applications so that we can innovate quickly and utilize data efficiently; we often operate in areas with no connectivity; we deal with problems that are not on the radar of the private sector at all.

We’re looking for makers, doers, those who act out of conviction not fear, those who don’t take no for an answer, and those who’d rather try and fail than embrace mediocrity.

If you’re an owner by nature and want to help those who have been overlooked, come join our team and help us build the technology to serve those who need it the most.


  • Your work will help 6,000+ NRC employees improve the lives of millions of displaced people around the globe.
  • Contribute to shaping NRC’s tech infrastructure which will enable us to use cutting-edge technology.
  • Work in a small, agile, and quirky team where you’re constantly challenged to learn and set the bar higher.
  • Potential to travel to NRC offices in five continents and work within an international and distributed network.
  • Competitive pay in Berlin’s market.
  • Get a taste of what your work will be like before joining through our unique recruitment process.

For any questions, email us at digital@nrc.no with the subject \”D Team\”.

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