Extraordinary IT products are not achieved with overtime and celebrity egos but rather require clear vision, passion for coding and focus on quality. Here at Small Improvements we work smarter, offer a fantastic B2B product to the best companies across many industries and firmly believe that enjoying life is just as important as working! 

Don't send us a perfect cover letter or CV – we don't need those. Instead, shoot us a brief mail, and include details about your recent pet projects, games you implemented for fun, Open Source tools you contributed to, or any other code you'd like to share.

If you absolutely didn't have time to work on any side projects recently, we'd like you to describe your most complex coding challenge in the past year, and how you approached and solved it. We understand you cannot share any code from confidential projects, but please try to be as specific as possible anyhow.

We need you to help us move faster! 

You’ll be in charge of small to medium-sized code projects right away, and then we’ll increase the task size a little every week, until you can work on new features on your own. You can demo your new features to clients and gather feedback from them. We value team work, code reviews and honest feedback, but everyone has to be able to work independently as well.

We’re constantly evolving: We're adding new features and improving existing ones, optimizing our database and algorithms, refactoring the service layer, culling old code, raising the security bar, and we’re rethinking usability all the time. We use Google App Engine, Apache Wicket, jQuery, LESS and lots of jUnit. We moving to RESTful architecture using Angular.js now.

You're welcome to contribute to our tech blog and to attend and speak at Barcamps, Meetups and Conferences.

This is a position in Berlin. You can work from home frequently, we don't have silly deadlines, and we're very flexible and family-friendly. However, the position is in Berlin, you cannot work remotely permanently. You also need basic German skills. While our intranet and software are in English, and we all understand English well, you'll feel left out if you aren't able to pick up what we're talking about in general. You don't need to be fluent yet, but a desire to improve your German is expected.

Small Improvements offers plenty of perks but the main reason you'll love working at SI is the team. Everyone is passionate about their work, bright, friendly, and happy to share their knowledge with new starters.


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