JavaScript Developer // KNIME

June 6, 2017
Are you excited about building and working with open-source data-science software? We have an immediate opening for a JavaScript Developer. Depending on your geographical preferences this position is based in our offices in either Berlin or Konstanz.

Who are we?

We are looking for the right people to join our well-funded, growing open-source startup and to help us to continue to build exciting technology that makes KNIME users happy. KNIME Analytics Platform is popular both with its large and enthusiastic user community as well as IT analysts, who regularly place us in their “leaders” category – next to some very surprised industry dinosaurs, btw. But we are most proud of the consistently high marks we get for user satisfaction. Our open secret: we are transforming the data-science landscape by providing an open source (and free) platform that lets data scientists mix and match the tools and methods they want while helping enterprises responsibly integrate advanced analytics into their operations. In this way, KNIME helps organizations nurture new user populations that want to exploit the benefits of data science and advanced analytics while remaining strongly committed to open source.

Who are you?

You like to develop visualizations to help others understand and explore data and have a good amount of experience working with JavaScript frameworks like D3 that are used for building modern interactive visualizations. You have good sense of what it means to make a visualization eye catching without sacrificing usability. Ideally you also have some experience writing java code to massage the (possibly large) data into the right format. If you have a background in doing data analytics / data science that’d even be better, but if not you’ll learn it.

What’s the job?

The areas at KNIME you could be working in are manifold. However, you would start by migrating some of the visualization components in KNIME Analytics Platform to JavaScript. That may sound like reworking an existing codebase but it’s mostly about writing new code … except that we have a bunch of examples to learn from/be inspired by. To get some idea of what this means have look at one of Christian’s blog posts (though we doubt that he really did it in 10 minutes). This could easily keep you busy for a long, long time but depending on your interest and (our) priorities you might also work on improving the KNIME Webportal, which combines all these standalone views into a powerful application, or — to take this a bit further — work with the team bringing the whole KNIME application into the browser. You would be closely working with Oleg, Christian, Greg and Bernd but also be in touch with a lot more folks as in the end your work is of high interest to not only the company but the entire KNIME community.

We are looking for someone to join us in one of our offices in Berlin or Konstanz. Though we’re happy to have applicants from farther away, we are not offering relocation benefits for this position.

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