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September 13, 2017
Do you think booking flights online is just too messy? If you do, then we would like to have you on-board. With fresh and significant funding around the corner, we are now ready to build up our company and are looking for a Junior Frontend / Elm Developer in Berlin.


– Our sprint teams are organised as multi-disciplinary ‘crews’. Within your crew, you will team up with a UX Designer, a Visual/UI Designer, a Backend Developer and an Agile Coach with the goal to constantly improve the Elm codebase of our user-facing Single Page Application, based on a user-centric and sprint-based approach.

– You will build interactive prototypes and develop features in the different product areas (e.g. search, booking, payment etc.) for both our web-based and mobile-ready products. Because our product is our brand, you will play an essential role in making flyiin the champion brand for online flight search and booking.

– You will work closely with the Engineering team based in Budapest, which is responsible for developing the airline distribution system, which our marketplace product is based on. You will be actively involved in the definition of the interfaces and contracts that will be facing our backend systems.

– You are a team player. You will clearly present and communicate your vision, your work and its rationale to the members of your crew, and work closely with them in order to foster the sharing of ideas, learning and design principles within your crew.


If you have…

  • 2+ years experience in general frontend development
  • Good understanding of basic functional programming concepts
  • Production experience in any modern frontend framework
  • Strong knowledge of web standards and modern browsers (HTML5, CSS)
  • Solid understanding of the full web technology stack (e.g. HTTP, cookies, asset loading, caching, REST, Websocket)
  • Expertise in responsive development (adaptive or fluid) for complex web applications
  • Creative coding and prototyping skills and a passion for clean, maintainable code
  • Passion for building rich user interactions and for delivering smooth transitions and animations
  • Love for contemporary app concepts, UI/UX design and innovative technical solutions
  • Good organisational and communication skills
  • Solid knowledge of English (English is the company’s official language)
  • The ability to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic startup environment

If you are excited about…

  • Travel, and most specifically air travel
  • Using Elm as your programming language of choice
  • Open source and emerging technologies
  • Working with people from different parts of the world and with different professional background and skillset
  • Contributing to developing a company’s culture and dynamics
  • Being part of something big that has the potential to transform a whole industry

If as a person, you appreciate…

  • Highly collaborative and multidisciplinary teams
  • Systematic feedback and knowledge sharing
  • “Bullshit-free”, lean and focused organisations


You’ll reach the top of the list if in addition to the above, you:

1- have already played with Elm on a couple of side development projects

2- are familiar with Elixir or other backend-related functional programming language

3- have experience to work in a geographically distributed engineering team

4- have already been in a similar role and helped build up a technology company from scratch

5- can demonstrate a high level of self-reliance and a strong sense of initiative

6- are passionate about digital products that are design-focused and user-centric


1- The opportunity to join a company that will grow fast, and be at the origin of it

2- The chance to work very enthusiastic and experienced people who all share the strong desire to shake things up

3- The option to work remotely from home one day a week

4- Regular “Knowledge sessions” on topics such as online travel, airlines, technology or product

5- Your daily dose of coffee, fresh fruits, snacks… and our weekly beers and wine.

6- And finally, a competitive salary and an attractive office space in the heart of Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg)

… and more as our business and results grow.


If this is a kind of adventure you would take part in, and the type of jobs that you’ve always been looking for, send us an email at jobs@flyiin.com, and tell us why you’re the best candidate for this position.

When sending your application, please:
1- Mention the name of the position in the subject line
2- Highlight your salary expectations and availability
3- Provide a copy of your CV and any additional material relevant for your application

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Send your application to: jobs@flyiin.com

Visit the company website

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