Machine Learning Expert (Berlin) // SAP SE

March 20, 2017

As a Machine Learning Expert, you will work in a team of experienced researchers and data scientists taking on challenges posed by the SAP customers and product units. You will have the chance to work with the richest data sets available in the world addressing real-world problems. Your primary goal will be to implement state of the art algorithms and to develop new approaches and technologies for deriving value from our customers’ data. You will have a chance to select and implement the best technologies and approaches based on your own experience, judgement, and experimentation results. This role combines (1) experience with machine machine learning with (2) practical knowledge of working with scalable platforms for processing of huge data sets, and (3) ability to understand the data, associated processes and business implications, (4) scaling from minimum viable product up to shippable production code, (5) build and maintaining innovative new products from the ground-up.


You will work together with a team of dedicated experts including researchers, developers, dev ops engineers and architects with a single goal of building best machine learning pipelines for a variety of use cases spanning commerce, financial markets and procurement. You will work against fixed timelines and your success will be measured by the ability to deliver solutions matching the performance of top notch research prototypes.

Your tasks include:

  • Push the frontiers of what is possible in the area of machine learning so as to create new Incubation
  • Explore, understand, and implement most recent algorithms and approaches for supervised and unsupervised machine learning
  • Comfortably handle multi-terabyte data sets in scale-up and scale-out environments
  • Understand business processes which create and consume data so as to be able to select best approaches, evaluate their performance and asses business relevance
  • Create excellence both in terms of results quality and system scalability through continuous evaluation, analysis and refinement of the system implementation
  • Communicate the relevance of implemented systems and achieved results in a visual and consistent way


You are a self-starter, goal-oriented, striving for perfection engineer. As an ideal candidate, you will demonstrate a proven track record in development of large-scale machine learning pipelines and combine it with curiosity for exploring of new use case and applications of machine learning to domains spanning processing of video, structured, and other unstructured data. Ideally you bring breadth across all verticals (image, text, structured / time series data) with a depth in one of them.


  • Master degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Operations Research or related field
  • Track record of developing novel learning algorithms and/or systems
  • Proficiency in handling of multi-terabyte datasets in distributed Linux/Unix environments
  • Experience with Machine / Deep Learning software packages such as TensorFlow/MXNet/SparkML
  • Ability to visualize data and present core insights in a clear and compelling way
  • Strong desire to overcome obstacles and make your work benefit SAP’s customers
  • Excellent English language skills
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