Python Developer // micropsi industries

June 19, 2017
micropsi industries is developing new ways of controlling industrial systems, notably collaborative robots, using machine learning. We’re currently looking for a self-motivated Python developer to join the team.

Python Developer

Full time in Berlin

As part of a small, smart, and friendly team of AI scientists and engineers, you will develop our in-house machine learning infrastructure that sits between Theano and the industrial systems we work with.

At micropsi industries, we combine well-understood learning algorithms based on gradient descent and reinforcement learning with our own research into neuro-symbolic representations. We use these algorithms to control and optimize large industrial systems (e.g., in wood processing, die casting, injection molding) and for generating dynamic, sensor-driven behavior for collaborative industrial robots.

Ideally, you have a computer science or electrical engineering degree, or are working on one, and like Python and the real world, where stuff is being made (i.e. not the web).

micropsi industries GmbH was founded in 2014. Most of the team works out of Berlin, with the exception of Joscha Bach, who works at the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics at Harvard.


  • Python knowledge
  • A taste for problem solving and integration work
  • Willingness to own code and ideas

Nice to have

  • Experience with professional software development processes: git, JIRA, build and test automation with jenkins
  • PLC, OPC, OPC-UA experience
  • C or C++ skills
  • Machine learning experience


  • A chance to contribute to and be responsible for a piece of exciting AI technology
  • Work towards applications while keeping in touch with academic research
  • Great team: smart people, nice environment, and a culture of rationality, friendliness, and expertise-based decision-making.
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