React Native Developer // 8fit

February 13, 2018

8fit helps millions of people around the world live a healthier life.

We help guide users along their path to fitness with personalized meal plans and workouts.

Every day we’re rewarded by the lives that we improve, and it keeps us motivated to work toward our vision of making the world a healthier and happier place.

Engineering at 8fit

We’re organized into cross-functional delivery teams with clear goals and lots of autonomy. We’re constantly looking to improve our tooling and working process.

We believe working culture is not a list of platitudes. It’s defined by the behaviours of the team.

That being said, here are a few of the ideas we feel strongly about:

Great communication — The ability to exchange ideas efficiently is an important part of your skillset.

Take ownership — Operate with autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Do your own research, talk with others on the team and don’t let anything stand between you and the results you want.

Venture outside your comfort zone — Ask questions. Be critical. Suggest ways of improving internal process. Be humble, admit mistakes readily, and never stop learning.

Bias towards action — Assume your first iteration will need improvement. The sooner you launch the sooner you can improve. Instead of speculating come back next week with real data.


We’re committed as a organization to deliver outstanding mobile experiences in a fast-paced iterative environment. We believe React Native is the best tool for the job at the moment, that’s why we’re on the lookout for whip-smart engineers who share that opinion. If that sounds like you, then you’ll be in good company.

The ability to perform well at this job is grounded in a strong knowledge of javascript fundamentals. You can clearly explain the event loop, promise chaining, scope, context, and function composition, and partial application.

You care about application design patterns, state management approaches, performance, and writing readable and maintainable code. You like to refactor your code to reduce cognitive complexity.

Lastly, experience with React or React Native comes in handy. You should understand the react component composition model and higher-order components.

What it’s like to work at 8fit

We’ve got a lovely office in Friedrichshain, right on the river Spree. It’s quiet, bright, and well stocked with healthy snacks.

Every Friday we get together for a lunch. We endorse healthy life choices to millions of people, and we stick to them ourselves. But don’t just take my word for it. You’re welcome to drop by and meet the team.

We love Berlin, but we don’t love the cold. That’s why every year we escape for a month with the whole team to some tropical destination. Last year we went to Koh Lanta. You should have seen my sun tan. It was to die for.

We like to work hard, but we believe in balance. Our office hours are quite flexible, ensuring everyone has plenty of time to exercise and enjoy life.

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Include in your application

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Link to online profiles github/twitter, etc.

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