Senior Backend Engineer // Hive Streaming

January 17, 2018

Who we are

Hive Streaming provides a video distribution system for both live and Video on Demand used within the enterprise networks of several Fortune 500 companies. The core product is complemented with live testing and in-depth analytics, currently handling a rapidly growing network with millions of active clients.

The team

The Platform Team has a cross-functional approach. We take shared responsibility for both resource-level management and development of existing and new services in our service oriented architecture. From the resource level this includes service orchestration using Kubernetes, common logging and monitoring services, and data infrastructure such as Kafka, Redis and HBase. Additionally, we design, implement and test services, APIs and Data Products. Altogether, the common Platform serves our feature teams and the larger organization. We work closely with the rest of engineering with guidelines and support to ensure that our platform is reliable, scalable, maintainable and easy to use.

Who you are

Given our current challenges we are looking for engineers that are passionate about building backend systems with knowledge from APIs to lower level resources. In particular we think you should have the experience with the following:

  • BA, MS, PhD degree in computer science or related areas
  • Track record of designing and implementing scalable and production quality systems
  • Deeper knowledge in Scala or a JVM language and an interpreted language such as Python or Ruby
  • Practical understanding of distributed systems: failure modes, networks, etc.
  • Experience with both non-relational and relational databases
  • Principles of service oriented architectures and containerization with Docker/Kubernetes
  • Troubleshooting large scale systems from DNS to requests going through the stack
  • Reliability engineering and testing
  • Security analysis and implementation of internal and external testing services
  • Ready to be on-call to support our 24/7 service SLAs

We expect an attitude to learn take initiative, and continuous development with the team as we take on new challenges and grow with the larger engineering organization and company.

What we offer

Hive Streaming is a company with a fast-paced and diverse working environment. By joining us, you will get the opportunity to work in an international team of skilled engineers and have an impact on a growing company with great ambitions. You will join our Berlin team as part of the engineering department with central offices in both Stockholm and Berlin. Salary and benefits are competitive.

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