Senior Data Scientist / Data Science Expert – Deep Learning Center of Excellence Job // SAP SE

September 14, 2017
As a Senior Data Scientist / Data Science Expert for the SAP Deep Learning Center of Excellence, you will work within a team of data engineers and developers solving real-world problems by building new, cloud based machine learning solutions and services. Our use cases span commerce, finance, procurement, logistics, and travel. You will work against fixed timelines and your success will be measured by the ability to deliver production-grade machine learning models reaching accuracies on par with top notch research prototypes.

Your tasks include:

  • Push the frontiers of what is possible in the area of Machine Learning working with real data
  • Explore, understand, and implement most recent machine learning algorithms and approaches
  • Comfortably handle very large data sets in scale-up and scale-out cloud environments
  • Fulfill both functional and non-functional (availability, throughput, latency) requirements
  • Understand business processes which create and consume data so as to be able to select best approaches, evaluate their performance, and asses business relevance
  • Create excellence both in terms of results quality and system scalability through continuous evaluation, analysis, and refinement
  • Communicate the relevance of implemented systems and achieved results in a visual and consistent way

Required skills & qualifications:

  • Master degree in Machine Learning, Computer Science, Physics or related field
  • Track record of developing productive machine learning-based solutions and/or systems
  • Proficiency in working with very large datasets in distributed Linux/Unix environments
  • Experience with Python and Machine Learning software packages such as scikit-learn or TensorFlow
  • At least 5 years of relevant experience in deep learning / machine learning / data science development projects with a focus on innovation.
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