Senior Ruby backend developer for health and fitness API backend // Pixformance

March 17, 2017
Hi there! We are Pixformance. Our award-winning flagship Smart Trainer technology is enabling people of all ages to reach their health and fitness goals.
  • Our Smart Trainers are used daily in thousands of fitness clubs around the world.
  • Millions of exercises are run daily on our platform.
  • We develop both hardware and software in-house.
Our team faces unique and diverse challenges, and we learn and grow from each. To help us stay the best at what we do, we are looking for you to join our team in Berlin as our new Senior Ruby developer colleague.

Come work with us on our exciting hardware / software mix of Smart Trainer fitness and health.

Your responsibilities:

  • Be part of the team managing our Backend APIs, which power our Smart Trainers, as well as our web platforms.
  • Be a key factor in choosing the tools and technologies we use.
  • Work closely together with our CTO and the rest of our teams on improving all parts of our product.
  • Improve our software algorithms and keeping our technical debt low.
  • Develop and test new feature together with our colleagues.
  • Ensure that our Pixformance platform runs quickly and reliably, even under heavy load.

Your profile:

  • You have many years of experience with Ruby and Ruby on Rails.
  • You have excellent analytical skills.
  • You have excellent knowledge of SOA and MVC architectures.
  • You have an agile mind-set and think testing and CI are core to developing.
  • You are fluent in Ruby, and very interested in how to best structure code.
  • You have experience building RESTful APIs with JSON.
  • You have experience in structuring and dealing with relational databases.
  • You speak English fluently.
  • You are eager to learn new things, and apply yourself to your work.

What we offer:

  • A unique challenge. We are developing both sides of a very exciting hardware / software mix.
  • Keeping technical debt down is a priority for us. Our backend code is sleek-(ish). We want to you to help us with this.
  • Our product is fitness. We are our own customers. Use our Smart Trainers to work out on company time.
  • We have a strong business model. This allows us more time to develop our features than other Berlin startups “chasing the business”
  • You will be part of a small team, with lots of freedom and responsibility.
  • We take your career seriously. Your success is our success. We help you develop you skills towards your goals.
  • Internal and external training, as well as conference visits.
  • Insights into our business strategy and the chance to shape Pixformance with your ideas.
  • Choose your own hardware.
  • All the ususal Berlin startup perks: (fruit, bottled water, coffee)
  • Working out on company time. See above.
  • Late standup. No need to come in red-eyed.
  • Home office. Of course home office, within reason, is also possible for us.
  • Flexible office hours. We get shit done. We do not care much when we do it.
  • Flexible vacation. As above: As long as we get shit done, we are not strict on vacation time.
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