System Reliability Engineer // Motionlogic

November 19, 2018

Are you a software engineer who wants to become a system engineer? Are you a system engineer who enjoys developing more than the odd shell script? Do you want to orchestrate software and hardware systems that process Terabytes per day with cutting edge Big Data technologies? Do you want to show how you can build and operate a high-performance, highly available and secure system? Then read on!

Motionlogic is giving answers to big questions, analyzing big amounts of data to do so. We build data products and design the infrastructure to handle 100s of Terabytes, and billions of events each day to provide actionable insights in near real time.

Does this sound like a fun and challenging way to spend your work day? If yes, here is what you’ll be doing:

  • Design, write and deliver software to improve the availability, scalability, latency and efficiency of Motionlogic’s platforms and services.
  • Solve problems occurring in critical services and take measures to prevent regressions.
  • Partner with the Data Engineering and Insights teams to incorporate their produced artifacts into to the deployed platforms.
  • Employ monitoring tools to collect and analyze KPIs to optimize the operational profile and prevent problems from occurring.
  • Build virtualized data appliances which will operate in secure data centers all around the planet.
  • Design automation that will build, deploy and monitor the infrastructure you engineer.
  • Select which new technologies to incorporate in the existing tool chain.
  • Automate the operation of internal systems.
  • Continuously grow your skills and widen your horizon.

Expected skills and experience

If you feel you are up for the challenge, while we encourage and support training, we think you should already bring along some skills and experiences:

Minimum qualifications

  • Self driven personality.
  • BS degree in Computer Science, another quantitative field, or equivalent practical experience.
  • Some experience with algorithms, data structures and software design.
  • Knowledge of at least one high level language like Ruby or Python.
  • You can get your work done in a terminal window at the Linux command prompt just as well as in a rich and comfortable environment.

In addition, here are good-to-have skills and experience

  • Experience with embedded or low-level programming in C.
  • Good understanding of TCP/IP networking.
  • Knowledge of system security best practices.
  • Understanding of cryptographic key management for SSH, TLS etc.
  • Operating virtualization solutions and automating associated operational aspects.
  • Knowledge of container technologies like Docker or LXC.
  • Having worked with at least one monitoring solution like Prometheus or Icinga.
  • Having worked with a file backup solution.
  • Working knowledge of Databases (SQL and NOSQL).
  • Understanding big data technologies – HDFS, Spark, YARN, Zookeeper, etc.
  • Analytical skills and passion for measuring everything and improving systems based on the insights gained from the measured data.

If this position sounds like something you want to know more about, don’t hesitate to contact us!

About Motionlogic

Motionlogic provides analysis of traffic and movement streams based on anonymous signaling data from mobile communication networks. Motionlogic GmbH, a wholly owned Deutsche Telekom subsidiary, came into being through Deutsche Telekom’s research and development division, Telekom Innovation Laboratories. With T-Systems International, we have a strong sales partner at our side. Motionlogic is a company with an international staff, located in Berlin, and currently offers services in Germany and other European countries.

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