Blockchain & Cryptoeconmics Research Intern //

January 18, 2018

What we are looking for:

We are looking for a Blockchain & Cryptoeconomics Research Intern with a passion and interest in blockchain technology who will conduct high-quality research and write detailed reports about various blockchain projects, investment opportunities and advancements in the underlying technology for our in-house Crypto Investment Project.

You need to have a fundamental understanding of valuing various projects, analysing token models, understanding the underlying technology and being able to differentiate between what is hype and what is actually world changing.

Moreover, you need to be comfortable in working autonomously and in an outcome-driven environment that requires you to adhere to tight deadlines and work under pressure to develop high-quality results.


  • Bachelor degree in Business, Tech or a Science related field
  • Pre-existing knowledge and preferably practical experience of Distributed Ledger and blockchain technology
  • Being a cryptocurrency Investor / Enthusiast
  • Being a Self-starter
  • Ability to conduct high-quality research and write about complex topics in a professional manner
  • Flexibility: You have to be able to work on multiple projects at the same time and switch between them frequently
  • Moving to Berlin

What we offer:

  • Access to industry experts & the ability to learn from world-leading blockchain experts
  • Being part of building our in-house Crypto Investment Fund from scratch, building up processes & frameworks and working directly together with the founding team
  • Meeting top class Ethereum Developers and working side by side with them

About Us:

We,, are a young company, founded by an immensely experienced team, ranging from executives with +20 years consultancy experience at the big 4, to startup veterans that worked for companies that went through Y-Combinator. already has its own ecosystem of trusted partners, many of whom are key players in the blockchain space, including members of the Ethereum foundation among others.

At the moment, the main focus is building blockchain applications, ranging from Dapps on the public to private Ethereum Networks. Moreover, we are currently in the process of setting up an in-house Crypto Investment Fund. Projects include building smart contract implementations with front-end integration, preparing ICOs, consulting corporates, and many more.’s headquarters are in Berlin. For our full-time positions, being based in Berlin is a must.

Please reach out to, to get in touch. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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