Web Design Intern // Senic

December 5, 2017


At Senic, we are building the next generation of user interfaces. Our goal is to make hardware and software that help humans interact with their technology seamlessly and naturally. We do this by creating products that engage the human senses including haptic, visual and speech interfaces. We’re tackling the rapidly growing problem of how technology affects our well-being with an eye for design and attention to local manufacturing in Germany and quality materials.

Our international and fun-loving team is made up of 20+ talented people with backgrounds in electrical & mechanical engineering, computer science, industrial & graphic design and psychology. We’re backed by Y Combinator, American and German VCs.


  • You will help update and expand the Senic website with input from the design and marketing teams.
  • You’ll A/B test new designs, generate heatmaps and conduct user surveys to present to the team.
  • You’ll iterate on existing designs, based on user data and A/B test results.
  • You’ll program small code snippets in JavaScript that enhance the website functionality and performance.
  • You’ll enhance the website’s user experience with animations and transitions.
  • You’ll work on marketing and design projects such as creating internal tools and marketing campaigns.


  • You are a creative problem-solver with a good sense of humor and a love for technology and design.
  • You’re excited to expand your knowledge of web design and development and explore the field.
  • You like working across teams and with people of different backgrounds.
  • You have a structured workflow and like to organize your own projects.
  • You have experience building websites with HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as HTML and CSS preprocessors and JavaScript transpilers. You’re familiar with build tools like Gulp or Grunt.
  • You have basic knowledge of human-computer interaction topics (and are curious to expand that knowledge)
  • You are fluent in English (with German as a plus).


Send us an email introducing yourself and include a link to your portfolio and CV. We look forward to hearing from you!

Send your application to: jobs@senic.com

Visit the company website