Facebook Performance Marketing Specialist // Asana Rebel

June 11, 2018

You love diving deep into data, finding trends, inconsistencies and ways to squeeze a few more percent out of the campaigns’ performance. As our Facebook Performance Marketing Specialist, you take care of our most important customer acquisition channel to date, managing huge budgets and plenty of campaigns in 6 languages. You love being the expert and a master operator, trying to perfect your craft. While you have gained some experience, you most importantly strive to learn more, improve and innovate. This is a very high impact role as you’ll be managing the single biggest cost of the business.


  • Be in charge of our Facebook & Instagram ad accounts with annual ad spend of over 10M €
  • Manage all campaigns globally in 6 (soon 9) languages
  • Optimize campaigns, collect and analyse data and identify trends to maximise ROI
  • Manage relationship with the Facebook Account Manager
  • Work with the creative team to continually improve our video ads
  • Continuously learn, improve and try out new things on the Facebook Ads platform


  • Broad experience in Facebook/Instagram advertising for a (global) lifestyle and/or Health&Fitness brands
  • Either have managed 100k € in monthly budget directly or have significantly scaled up a new account
  • Understanding of mobile advertising (metrics)
  • You have strong analytical skills, are numbers-driven and well-structured
  • Excellent skills in Excel; ideally some experience with SQL and/or Python
  • Entrepreneurial mindset: What works today may not work tomorrow and what you do today may not be what is best tomorrow
  • Passionate about learning new things
  • Passionate about testing and data-driven decision making



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