Head of Inbound Marketing // EyeQuant

December 1, 2016

We're looking for an experienced marketer to build up and lead inbound marketing at EyeQuant.

EyeQuant is a machine learning based B2B SaaS product that provides instant design feedback to marketing, UX and conversion teams. Our mission is to help businesses win in what we call the 'Distraction Economy', where information is cheap and attention is expensive. We think this is won by better UX, and provide a novel and very powerful way to bring data into the design process.

We're a small, but growing team serving hundreds of customers like Google, Canon and Ogilvy. You'll be our first real marketing hire and thus be able to make a huge impact on the growth of EyeQuant.

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About the job

  • You will create & curate content based on EyeQuant's general vision, product use cases and our research. This will range from telling stories around data we've acquired in lab studies to curating customer success stories and case studies involving our technology and products.
  • You will distribute this content to attract and nurture leads through various earned and paid inbound channels, including blogging, AdWords, Facebook campaigns and email marketing.
  • You will use Hubspot (or similar software) to convert generated traffic to leads using landing pages and transactional content.
  • While marketing at EyeQuant may ultimately grow into a larger team, for now this is an individual contributor role in which you'll have to be able make an impact without the support of a dedicated team. You will occasionally work with freelancers and agencies (e. g. for AdWords campaigns or on various marketing designs) though.
  • The key result of your work will be to generate qualified leads for our growing sales team. This means you'll be working towards real, tangible results.

About you

  • You have hands on experience in building up and scaling inbound marketing / growth for a SaaS (or a similarly subscription based) B2B business.
  • You're familiar with the core concepts of SaaS marketing & sales and no stranger to CAC, CLTV, MQLs…
  • You're a passionate writer and enjoy the process of researching & writing compelling content and stories.
  • While you don't need to be able to code, you have a bit of a 'hacker' mentality – you find clever shortcuts, you're great at spotting novel opportunities and you're great at informing creative decisions with data.
  • While not a must, it'd be great if you've worked with Hubspot or similar Inbound Marketing software before.

About EyeQuant

  • We’re building a supportive and learning-focused culture and take your personal growth seriously.
  • We do our best work during flexible and family-friendly hours in our beautiful Kreuzberg office (right by Moritzplatz). Some of us occasionally work from home or from a sunny beach. Suffering is not a KPI for us.
  • We're spending a large chunk of our waking hours at work, so we should have some fun, too! While we abhor startup stereotypes, we do like cooking together once a month, occasionally organise team events or just go for a drink or bite after work every once in a while.
  • We operate a strict no-asshole policy: zero tolerance for inappropriate or abusive behaviour. Life is too short for that.
  • We're open for the odd. The best ideas sound odd at first, and they come from weird places. Likewise, the greatest minds and people can be odd at times. That’s cool. Please bring your odd you, and we’ll bring ours.
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