Product Manager // Kamet

April 25, 2018

Product Manager @ Medloop by AXA


  • You will have the technical ownership of our patient platform and doctor platform.
  • You will take part in writing the technical requirements roadmap.
  • You will manage the backlog of features.
  • You will work with a dedicated team of developers, understanding regulatory and data security requirements to create and optimize analytical data models.
  • You will leverage your technical knowledge to define feature requests that can be translated into engineering tasks.

Essential Requirements

  • Two years of previous professional expertise in agile product development
  • Technical background: Understanding of databases and basic knowledge of Java, JavaScript
  • Very good communication and team-working skills
  • Know-how to effectively manage feature and requirement documents, project management documents and team roadmaps. Activities such as backlog grooming, sprint planning, task prioritization, OKRs, roadmap management, Jira, product/feature mockups and processes diagrams are in your DNA
  • Fully fluent in verbal/written English

We offer you a competitive salary plus equity participation.

About Medloop (

With prevention as its core focus, Medloop is a practice management software on a mission to transform the relationship between patients and doctors and make healthcare delivery more preventative rather than reactionary. By leveraging millions of patient-years data and best preventative practices from our partners in Israel, we will build a smart cloud-based doctor desktop and patient mobile application to enrich the relationship between doctors and patients and promote better health in various European markets. Medloop is backed by Kamet.

About Kamet (

Kamet backs brash entrepreneurs building the next generation of groundbreaking technology companies, geared to improve, enrich or disrupt the insurance ecosystem. With offices in Paris, London and Tel-Aviv, soon in Asia and America, Kamet focuses on pioneering start-ups that are ready to scale across the global stage.

Funded by the AXA group, Kamet delivers unparalleled access to some top corporations to match cutting-edge entrepreneurs with one of the world’s most powerful FI/ Insurance company. A perfect storm is hitting the insurance ecosystem: Big data analytics and IoT, offering way to manage risks differently, new engagement models with customers, striving for simplicity and transparency, regulatory pressure, social networks, mobility and connectivity, each of the ongoing trends is opening endless opportunities to innovate and even disrupt a stable, conservative, often stone edged ecosystem.

Kamet and AXA recognized this opportunity and created a platform that bridges the gap. At the core, Kamet is a fast start-up studio. We host entrepreneurs, give them the opportunity to meet others, to share their ideas, to benefit from ours, and we support them in developing their business, from the ground up.

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