Senior Product Manager // Qixxit

December 12, 2017

At Qixxit we are not product driven, we are traveler driven.
Which makes you the travelers embassador, ensuring our product fulfills their unspoken desires.
We are creating a unique travel experience, redefining the way people organize their travels. You will own the Qixxit roadmap and your responsibility is to make sure it is implemented according to the traveler’s needs.
This includes shaping the user journey on our native mobile apps and responsive website (plus, who knows, AR?).
In other words, we are not looking for a babysitter for developers (they are more than able to take care of themselves). We do look for an amazing and passionate product lover, who can bring people together to deliver the best experience for travelers.
And no, we don’t use Jira.

Our definition of Senior Product Manager includes the mastery of these 5 areas of expertise:

  • Customer: You know the importance of user research and customer intelligence, you know how to conduct interviews and get insights out of them.
  • Design: You have an eye for beautiful design and are experienced in user interaction on web and mobile.
  • Data: You know how to read analytics, to pursue the right metrics and to stay away from meaningless data.
  • Lean development: You are experienced enough to tell the difference between lean development and a bad attempt (hint: never ask for estimations).
  • Tech: you know how software development works, you are familiar with strengths and limitations of Web, you have experience with mobile apps and their challenges.

You are a maker. You have shipped successful products and are capable to autonomously convert a Product vision into an amazing solution.

You are organized. You better be, because you will have to organize different work streams within different teams and task forces.

You are a learner. We don’t expect you to be the master of anything, but we do expect you to be able to catch up quick enough to the topics that matter the most.

You are humble. We all believe in our Product, not because we have built it, but because we test it every day with our travelers. You are able to listen to the travelers and convert their needs into a product prioritization.

You are a chameleon. Different people expect different inputs from you. Make sure you know how to adapt to different environments and conditions.

You are nice. You will be surrounded by very nice people, and we really don’t want to break this trend.

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