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January 4, 2017
A business development/marketing and sales partner needed to help establish a whole new industry of business: family-friendly coworking spaces. The existing coworking with optional on-site childcare needs to get and stay known, to develop new ways of delivering the message of possibility making work-life balance “easy”, to help building or cultivating the community.

We are a parent-friendly coworking space in Mitte (with on-site childcare) which is not a start-up literally, but requires the same amount of passion and commitment and innovative thinking as a start-up, because the concept is totally new and barely introduced in Berlin (and worldwide, too, there are just few coworkings like that). The idea is to make the general coworking concept work also for those who were traditionally excluded from this scene (parents of young children): by providing infrastructure, friendly space, facilities, ultimate tariff flexibility and friendly thinking alike community.

In the future, I am looking to establish a chain of similar coworking spaces over Europe, featuring the ultimate flexibility in terms of payment (paying per hour in the end of the month for the time you actually spent in the coworking). Let’s make the coworking industry really inclusive and suitable for those struggling to find the best work-life balance. Let’s create a whole new type of coworking space together!

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