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January 16, 2017
We empower people to stand up for themselves in life. How do you do that, there are already millions of books, websites and podcasts… Well, how to do it effectively is exactly the novelty we bring.

You probably know Germany has a strong welfare state, right?
And a rather employee friendly legal framework, right ?

And that is true.
And yet you probably have some start up experience if you are here.

And you noticed employers behavior when, for example, laying off?
Maneuvering around regulations, lying and coaxing and threatening their own employees into semi-legal situations where one party benefits and the other party end up with the short end of the stick.

Short end of the stick which, of course, goes to the weakest party: in this case, the employee.
And perversely employers -or the strongest party in general- succed the most with those people who would need that safety net the most: the (desperate) foreigners, the least connected, the least knowledgeable, the least assertive etc.

It’s a work example where in spite of a strong friendly legal code sharks still feast on the tunas. Indeed change to whatever scenario and it’s still the same tune -if anything, worse-. And it’s the same the whole world over.

The little guys get poorer, the sharks get richer feeding on the weaks with impunity.

And I want to do my part to change that.
Not from a strict legal perspective, but from a more holistic, more powerful point of view: by empowering the people to dice with the sharks whenever that’s needed.

And this is what this product wants to do: spread knowledge on how to navigate the social arena, how to behave more assertively, how to demand and obtain what’s fair and how to stand up for your rights.

In a very clear cut way.

And to go ahead with this project I need some help.
Hopefully, that’s you.

Do you recognize yourself in the following description?


  • Are socially shrewd
  • Are interested in social dynamics (across the board from networking to connection building to sales to dating to conflict management and influencing )
  • Don’t necessarily enjoy rejections, shame and staying out of your comfort zone but you do it anyway and plough on
  • Have a high EQ
  • Are passionate but
  • Also master the staying power, doggdness and poise needed to go through the unglamorous, tough times we will inevitably face
  • ​You believe that most skills are learnable and don’t take things too personally
  • You believe that profits -like happiness- are better if ensued rather than pursued
  • You read and place a high importance on mental fitness (and bonus if you understand where the inspiration from the point above comes from :)

Bonus points if you:

  • Founded before
  • Have knowledge of SEM / online marketing
  • Speak German

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