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December 6, 2016


Seeking a native German cofounder to join our virtual reality art collective at the early stages of development. Our drives are passion for virtual reality, local activism and art. We will form an e.V. (non-profit driven) multi-disiplinary collective and simultaniously create a commerical UG arm as a VR production house for social impact, artistic and non-profit organisations.

This is a great chance for someone with the relevant interests and drive to be a big part of building this unique project which aims to directly address and impact the social challenges of our time through the power of art and virtual reality.

*Driving the creative and business development of the project

*Fundraising via government funding and grants

*Commerical business development, fundraising and cofounder responsibilities

*Community growth, horizontal collective team player supporting equality and creativity

*Creating initiatives around VR, social impact and non-profit driven startups

+ Existing network in areas of social impact VCs and the art world highly valued.

+ Your role will be largely created by you: artists or programmers are very welcome to join the creation of our virtual reality experiences!

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