CTO (back end or full stack cofounder) // Frank THB

March 17, 2017
Looking for a technical cofounder to help build a freelancer payment tool that issues virtual overseas bank accounts. We’re looking to build an MVP to test on our freelancer community. We can use the backend of another service for free and start to see revenue as soon as we have our first user. Our MVP will be 2% cheaper than PayPal and a lot more employer friendly than TransferWise.

The role includes building the back and front end over the top of an exiting digital wallet service’s API. The idea is to built a product we can take to market as soon as possible and test on our freelancer community who responded to the initial customer development questions with enthiusiasm. The build time shouldn’t be longer than a month.

I’m happy to discuss the vision and business plan with any interested parties and talk about where it could scale to.

About Us:

We’re a Fintech product building company looking for like minded individuals to help us build our first products and take them to market, before we get the capital to scale them.

Send your application to: alex@frankthb.com

Visit the company website
Frank THB

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