CTO // Frontal

July 25, 2017
Software is eating the world — IoT, self-driving vehicles, conversational interfaces, private aerospace — a lot is happening, but software development tools are struggling to catch up with all of the challenges. We’re solving this.

Frontal is a fledging Berlin company focused on applying machine intelligence to software development tools and processes. We strongly believe that the quality of the software built over the next two decades will define humanity’s path forward. And our mission is to make sure we’ll end up not in Blade Runner, but in The Fifth Element.

Sounds like an important goal to you? Join us – we’re looking for the technical leader.

Minimum requirements

  • 5+ years of software engineering experience
  • Very good understanding of modern software development principles and tools
  • Decent understanding and strong interest in machine learning
  • Strong interest in the topics of software development productivity and team productivity.
  • Experience leading and mentoring junior engineers
  • Experience working in early-stage companies (<20 people)

Bonus points

  • Experience in building software products from scratch, especially defining the architecture
  • Hands-on experience with both frontend and backend code
  • Hands-on experience with machine learning, especially building user-facing features.

Send your application to: join@frontal.cc

Visit the company website

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