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December 22, 2016

You are a talented hacker who wants to build a product-first company. You love playing around with new ideas and aren’t afraid to throw away things that don’t work for the end users. You are a very independent person with a strong personal drive. You have the people skills necessary to lead a small team.

Founders is a startup studio. We take product ideas and turn them into strong companies. We find talented creatives and explore new ideas and technology together in our studio. When we uncover an exciting product idea, we help our co-founders turn it into a compelling product and ultimately an independent company.

We are not an incubator or accelerator.

What is a Hacker in Residence?

Hackers in Residence (HIR) are full-time employees hired by Founders to co-explore and co-found new projects. In our studio you will work together with designers, product managers, data scientists and growth marketers exploring new ideas and building prototypes.

When a prototyped idea shows promise we create a roadmap of how to turn it into a launchable product together. We then ruthlessly validate the product in the open market, looking for traction. If it takes off, we then transform it into an independent company with you as a co-founder.


  • Good product intuition
  • Strong Javascript + HTML + CSS skills
  • You have mastered at least one modern web stack
  • Ability to work both independently and leading a team
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Creativity, intelligence, hustle


  • Native application development experience
  • Startup experience as either co-founder or early employee


  • Competitive annual salary and real founder equity (15%-25%).
  • Standard issue laptop and phone.
  • Awesome co-workers and a shiny new office
  • Weekly demo-days, cross company developer meetings and great Friday bars.

Send your application to: joshua@founders.as

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