Product Designer

Our platform facilitates transfers between healthcare facilities (what is called patient discharge coordination): about 30% of patients need a solution to be organised after a hospital stay. That could mean receiving care at home, moving to a care home or recovering at a rehabilitation clinic.

Most healthcare software is old and ugly but we believe it does not necessarily have to be that way: using a mix of smart matching and great product UX, our solution lets medical staff find a solution tailored to their patients specific needs.

After 4 years of existence, we currently connect 160+ hospitals to 10000 health care providers across Germany – we help thousands of patients every month. Pushed by the pandemic, Germany has recently decided to prioritise healthcare digitalisation. It means for us that we can expect to grow significantly in the coming months as every hospital needs to buy a digital discharge platform.

So you’ve probably understood it, the current context is driving us to become a key player at the interface of large healthcare institutions notoriously known to be closed ecosystems. It’s bringing a lot of challenges along the way and we feel like we are only scratching the surface of what’s possible at the moment!

Product Design at Recare

Tools: Figma is our main design software and we use Miro for flow charts. All our documentation and decisions go to

Team: The Product team currently consists of 4 product managers, one UX Researcher and one Product Designer, all reporting to a Head of Product. You’ll also interact a lot with the dev team (8 devs), and especially with the Frontend team (4 devs). Our applications are built in React and React Native, and our design system is based on Material Design.

Workflow: As a Product Designer, you work in close collaboration with the Product Manager, the UX Researcher and the dev team to reach the best user experience possible while taking account user and development constraints (most of our users are non digital native and hospital computers are pretty slow). You also ensure that our whole product stays consistent with our Design system.

What you could work on:

  • The digitalization of workflows that aim to kill the fax and bring transparency and simplicity to obscured processes – we have validated our first use case (Rehabilitation transfer) with TK, the biggest German health insurance.
  • Mobile applications to let users answer requests in one tap
  • A new B2C platform that would allow any German citizen to communicate easily with any type of healthcare facility in a secure way


  • You have proven track-record of working as a Product Designer, preferably in a startup.
  • You’re used to communicating with various stakeholders (PM, devs) and enjoy being challenged on your decisions.
  • You’re very rigorous but efficient – we have a lot of projects going on and sometimes good enough is enough :)
  • You care about Recare does. We all have a strong emotional attachment to the product and we always prefer candidates who want to spend their time having a positive impact on society.
  • You speak English fluently.


We will focus on candidates that are already based in Berlin, or at least in Europe as we don’t have the capacity to offer relocation / VISA support.


  • We are a team of 45 international employees (German, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, France, Japan, UK, Ireland).
  • Our financing is secured. You won’t be fired after 3 months because the company ran out of money.
  • We started our French subsidiary last year. It means two languages to manage :)


  • We’ve a large open space in Moabit  (http://www.abitmo.berlin/103/). It’s very well connected – S3/S5/S7/S9, 15 min from Tegel, 10 min to Hauptbahnof
  • Every employee gets an UrbanSport (https://urbansportsclub.com/) subscription for free
  • We cover BVG AB monthly ticket
  • We don’t see ourselves as a remote-first company. We value physical communications and believe they enhance creativity.

If you feel like it could be a great environment for you, I am looking forward having a chat with you!

Charles – CTO of Recare