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At Prisma we are building the data layer for modern applications. If you are fascinated by the software that power large technology companies such as Twitter, Airbnb and Facebook but want the challenges and freedom that come with working in a small startup, then a job at Prisma might be for you.

With $4.5M in funding from top-tier SV investor Kleiner Perkins we are a small and dedicated team in Berlin working on making advanced data infrastructure developed at large tech companies accessible to all developers around the world.

We are focused on bottom-up adoption, and most of our software is open-source. At Prisma you will be part of a vibrant community. Prisma users often engage with the company on GitHub and Slack.

Thousands of developers are using the Prisma Framework tools to build applications and we want to help making them successful. That’s why we’re looking for Community Support Specialists to join our team.

What does a Community Support Specialists do?

As a Community Support Specialists, your main goal is ensure developers can reach their goals by using the Prisma Framework tooling. Therefore, your core responsibility is to provide community support on the Prisma Slack, on GitHub, Stackoverflow and other channels where developers ask questions about Prisma.

Is this a typical IT support role?

Definitely not! While your main goal is to help other developers, you’ll be required to develop a deep technical understanding of the Prisma Framework tools and the ecosystem around it (e.g. GraphQL Nexus). You also collaborate with the product and engineering teams to share product feedback you receive from users.

Note that this role can be a great entry-point to transition into a product or engineering role later during your time at Prisma!

Who we are looking for?

To be successful in this role, you should have a passion for helping and educating other developers. You should be the kind of person that thrives and gets energized when they can help developers solve a problem.

Since you’ll be working with developers on their problems, you should have a technical background and experience in building applications in the Node.js and TypeScript ecosystem. You should also be familiar with relational and other database systems.

What is it like to work at Prisma?

You’re likely to be a great fit for the team if you …

  • … have an ownership mindset. As part of a small team, you’ll have an outsize impact on decisions and the way things are executed.
  • … think crossfunctionally. Missing engineering features or design elements that could improve your workflow? Bring it up. The team is small and pitches in.
  • … stay nimble. As a growing startup, the team and strategy evolves quickly. Be ready to re-calibrate often and stay flexible.
  • … be kind and collaborative. Come in ready to share your ideas and listen to feedback. We rely on each others’ input to create great final results.


The main goal developers have when using the Prisma Framework is to build applications. Therefore, any additional knowledge and experience that you bring from the areas of general application development and software engineering is a great plus! For example:

  • Experience with TypeScript, databases, or infrastructure is a plus
  • Experience with APIs, REST, and GraphQL is a plus
  • Experience in creating technical illustrations is a plus
  • Interest in information architecture or how documentation content is structured is a plus

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