Frontend Developer / React

We build software to facilitate hospitals transfers: about 30% of patients need a solution to be organised after a hospital stay. That could mean receiving care at home, moving to a care home or recovering at a rehabilitation clinic for instance.

Finding a spot is a complex task because the market is under a lot of pressure – most providers are at 95%+ capacity. Our technology uses a mix of matching theory and matching learning to let patients find a tailored solution to their needs.

Since we launched the product in January 2017 it’s been going super well! We are currently connecting 120+ hospitals to 10000 care providers across Germany – we help thousands of patients every month. We believe that with the right people, one can do much more with less – we’re a small team but we deliver a lot. That’s why we are looking for someone entrepreneurial that would share those values with us, someone that aims at being autonomous and bring a lot to our team.

What you’ll work on

You’ll work on enhancing our patient transfer product to help more and more patients find the best place after their hospital stay. We have an ambitious roadmap and the product is going to change seriously over the coming months – we need to support more type of discharges, we want to deepen integration with hospitals and providers to create a “” for hospital discharges. We are also working on some new products that will have a strong impact on the german healthcare – we can talk about on the phone if you’re interested!

We also have more technical features in the pipeline – our solution provides end-to-end encryption to let health care actors communicate securely about patients need over a secured chat, and we are working on a very cool API integration with encrypted patient data.

Frontend stack

  • React we have used of functional components combined with recompose for HOC for a while and we completely switched to hooks. – they solve most of our problems, specially with typing. Regarding typing, we bet on the wrong horse 3 years ago and picked flow. We have just spent two weeks migrating to typescript. It was tedious but we’re very happy to be there :).
  • Apollo/GraphQL is used to handle the data fetching
  • material-ui and styled-components. Our designers use Figma
  • CI/devops CircleCI runs utest and integration jest tests, visual regression tests (made in-house) and e2e tests (cypress). It’s also used to deploy to our various environments.

We dedicate 20+% of our time to work on non “business” tasks, it means for instance:

  • replace part of our code by a third-party library (we have migrated our custom graphQL wrapper to Apollo last quarter for instance, and we are currently investigating form libraries and typescript).
  • to optimize the frontend code (our customers are using old computers unfortunately)
  • build a visual regression tool to detect automatically changes in our product.
  • automate the internationalisation process

Our philosophy is that developers are owners of the code they write until it gets to production. We rely a lot on automated tests to ensure everything stays stable – the rule is that code should be deployed at any time without manual approval or manual QA.


  •  We are looking for experienced developers. You preferably have a CS degree, and you have been coding 30+ hours / week for more than a year in any case.
  • Our stack is React + GraphQL on the frontend and a rest API in Go for the backend. We’re looking for someone with production experience with React (even if it’s 6 months)
  • A github with some code to showcase is of course a big plus
  • Since we’re a small team, we had to automate a lot. It would be great if you already had some experience with CI and testing frameworks.
  • Frontend evolves a lot, so you need to be up to date with best practices. We’re looking for people who will proactively try to improve the life of the team and of our customers – making better tooling for instance. But we’re not into trying every alpha-package on github
  • You want to become a technical owner of a part of our code base – our team is going to grow substantially in the coming months and we need people who are looking for responsibilities.


  • We are 36 employees from all over Europe (German, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, France and Spain).
  • The tech team is currently composed of 7 devs – 3 frontend, 3 backend, one Machine Learning engineer and me. As I have to sell the position, the last three hires said the job turned out to be way better than they expected :)
  • Our financing is secured. We don’t plan to fire half the company in three months as it happens sadly too often in Berlin.


  • We’ve a large open space in Moabit  ( It’s very well connected – S3/S5/S7/S9, 15 min from Tegel, 10 min to Hauptbahnof.
  •  Every employee gets an UrbanSport ( subscription for free
  • We cover BVG AB monthly ticket

Unfortunately, we will focus on candidates that are already based in Berlin or at least in Europe as we don’t have the capacity to offer relocation / VISA support and we insist on meeting everyone physically before we do an offer!

If you feel like it could be a great environment for you, I am looking forward having a chat with you!

Charles – CTO of Recare