Full Stack Engineer

In short

We are looking for a new full-stack engineer to join our team. At Feather, we build products that are changing the insurance industry, and we need your help to make them even better!

It’s also the perfect time to join us as our company is growing quickly with new projects being added on a continual basis.

Why apply to Feather?

  • You’ll have the freedom to experiment. We do hack days/hack weeks where you can experiment with new technologies and new ways of working. Our design system (dirtyswan.design) actually came out of a hack day.
  • You’ll help us contribute to open source. We’re big believers in building openly and transparently. We love the way GitLab, Artsy, Sentry, and others who contribute to open source, and we’re following that path too!
  • We’re early stage yet growing fast. You’ll be joining us when the company is still small (~20 people) and you’ll be able to experience its growth (we more than doubled each year). So, this is a very unique opportunity.
  • You’ll decide where to work from. We are a remote company mostly hiring in Europe. You’ll be able to work anywhere so long that you stay close to CET timezone.

Your profile

  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and a sound understanding of modern frontend frameworks and libraries such as React.js.
  • Equally comfortable working with backend and frontend technologies, giving preference to Node.js. People switching over from a different backend stack are also very much welcome.
  • A good understanding of containers, CI/CD, and at least one of the cloud providers. We use Docker, GitHub Actions, and Google Cloud.
  • Interest in working with statically typed languages. We love TypeScript, and we hope you do too!

What will you be doing?

In this role, you will work as a part of a small cross-functional product team with other developers, product owners, and designers.

To give you an idea of what the projects would look like, consider some of the things we worked on recently:

  • Preparing for new countries – that is introducing localization, i18n and reusable signup flows – to offer our products outside Germany.
  • Setting up a hosted instance of Unleash to work with feature toggles in the trunk-based development fashion.
  • Applying our design system to all kinds of PDF documents with React-PDF and Storybook to ensure that documents are consistent in style and easy to work with.
  • Introducing a schema registry with JSONSchema to simplify communication between microservices and micro-frontends.
  • Extracting reusable node packages from existing code and publishing them on GitHub packages, both internally and as Open Source.
  • Improving our notification system with MJML templates, customer.io, and Sendgrid to keep everyone up to date including teams who are in control of messaging and speaking with customers.
  • Sharing parts of our development process as posts on our dev.to blog and talks at meetups and conferences.
  • Iterating on our authentication system to protect customer accounts from XSS and share authentication patterns across multiple apps.
  • Building a generic and type-safe questionnaire engine similar to Typeform.
  • Battle-testing new tools, such as GraphQL with Apollo, NestJS, and Prisma to speed up the work on internal tooling.

Does this sound like a good fit for you? Apply now!

  • At Feather, we are huge advocates for diversity and inclusion. From LGBTQ+ events to open discussions about eliminating bias, we highly encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply.
  • We encourage people without degrees to apply: we believe that what you’ve worked on and achieved is way more important than on-paper qualifications.

About us Feather

Feather was founded in 2018 by Rob Schumacher and Vincent Audoire after both of them struggled to navigate the insurance system in Germany (even though they are European). They wanted to create insurance products that were as simple as they knew it could be.

That’s why we’re building insurance to make all interactions easier and more transparent: from signing up and filing a claim to canceling. Our goal is to give people honest, unbiased advice, with the information they need to make the right decision. And, because of how complicated insurance is, we offer tools, articles, and support where people can reach out to a human about problems or questions they have.

Currently, Feather has helped people from over 150 countries get insurance digitally and is expanding quickly.

We believe people deserve to know their options and have the best possible coverage. In the German insurance market, bureaucracy can seem unending and information can be scarce. Our aim is to relieve the burden of researching and purchasing insurance policies and give people what they need: honest, simple insurance.