Labels: Disrupt the way we consume in large cities at scale.

We are building the fastest and most sustainable e-commerce experience in the world from the suppliers (local independent businesses), the logistic (instant 0 emissions hyperlocal delivery) to the packaging (no-packaging at all) and finally the services closing the loop for a fully circular system (integrated instant rental, recycling & repairing services). That all together would allow consumers to get what they want instantly while supporting the city they love including its economy, culture and obviously the environment.
We are a small team of underdogs, self-funded, self-determined, and ready to redefine the rule of great business and holding governments accountable to keep support and foster sustainable development for our all future, our cities, life quality & our beautiful planet.

Now that you know how determined, idealist, and passionate we are and you if you share our values, let’s dive into your mission 🚀

Mobile App

We are building an amazing mobile app to provide our users an experience they will want to share with friends, family and co-workers. The mobile app is developed with Angular and Ionic Framework.

  • You will continue what we already did, add new features, make it faster, more enjoyable and advise us on the next technology to go for in the future like Flutter.
  • You are extremely detail-oriented, know how to make quality animations and overall create the best experience for our users.
  • Furthermore, you know how to use Firebase for the backend.


  • You will work on the e-commerce version of Labels that we are just starting to design and conceptualize. One of the reasons we would love to go for Flutter is to have one code base for all, even for the web version.
  • You will also work on the seller dashboard made with Vue.JS and help us add new integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce… Etc. We sync in two ways all the inventory of the stores joining Labels with their Shopify, WooCommerce… Etc. That makes our onboarding process extremely scalable and fast.

Work conditions

If you work better from your bed, somewhere in Bali or in your van surfing in Lisbon in Fonte da Thela (like our founder did for 6 months) that’s up to you ❤️ If you want to be with the team – you are obviously welcome anytime you want here in Berlin to work and brainstorm new ideas.

The obvious part that should be obvious

We OBVIOUSLY welcome everyone and fully embrace diversity 🙄 If this is not obvious to you close your tab and go somewhere else. It is hard for us to believe it needs to be said, but it matters a lot. We simply want to work with the most incredible, passionate and beautiful humans out there.


Around €3K / month Brut + % equity in the company to discuss.

The salary is low we know this is why we also give you some equity as you will help us grow Labels to its full potential, we can’t afford more for now, keep in mind that as soon as we raise money, a milestone to which you will directly contribute, your salary will be instantly re-evaluated.

Can’t wait to hear from you!!

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