Looking for lazy developer (m/f) // steuerberater.com

April 12, 2019

We are a young West Berlin based startup that is building a marketplace for tax advisors (http://www.steuerberater.com).

Our mission is to empower consumers to take better personal finance choices, not by selling them products, but by providing an educational platform, that helps users find:

1) Great resources on all the tax and personal finance questions they have

2) Professional help (tax advisors) if and when they need it

We are a small tech team (2 devs, 1 product designer) and are looking for a lazy developer (m/f) to help us achieve our goals.

We work on a mixed tech stack (React Native, Node JS & PHP (laravel)), but experience with the technologies we use is not required.

What is important to us is that you are a hacker and tinkerer that is fully focussed on building and shipping great products.

Our salary offer is competitive.

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