Mobile Product Engineer // Pineapple Labs

We’re setting out to fix recruitment, we need you to help us do that.

Hiring is boring, impersonal and slow, we’ve built Pineapple to fix that. Pineapple lets people hiring for and applying to customer facing jobs hire and get hired through personality and not CVs.

Pineapple uses a story format similar to Instagram or Snapchat to replace traditional job posts (like this one) and CVs. The result is a much more engaging and personal way of hiring and getting hired.

Candidates and businesses can message each other on the app and businesses can send calendar invites to candidates to schedule meetings.

You can read more about Pineapple on our website.

What is the opportunity?

As our second full time engineer you will be responsible for more than just the technical side of the company, you’ll play a pivotal role in forming our engineering culture and processes. We’re a highly product oriented team and you’ll use your knowledge of software to inform what we build next and what the product evolves into over time.

At Pineapple, you’ll get the unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a rapidly scaling start-up solving an issue faced by millions of people around the world, you’ll get to see all aspects of the business as we roll out new products, expand into new international markets and scale up our team. We move fast at Pineapple, but we also have an emphasis on building product that’s highly considered and well implemented, we’re looking for someone who can strike the right balance between moving quickly and shipping quality code.

You’ll work primarily on our existing Android product, building features and making improvements.

Where will I work?

You’ll be working from our brand new office in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

What skills do I need?

  • You’ve built, shipped and maintained a software product used and loved by people.
  • In depth knowledge of Kotlin.
  • A good understanding of Javascript and modern web frameworks.
  • A passion for mobile engineering and an understanding of the challenges of distributing and building for mobile.
  • Bonus points if you also dabble in Swift.

What we look for:

  • People with a passion for building and shipping software.
  • People with an obsession with technology and technology products.
  • People who hold their work to a high standard and stand behind everything they ship.

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