Senior Data Science Engineer // Theta Lake

September 19, 2019

About the Company

Theta Lake is a venture-backed startup based in the US, with a growing data science team in Berlin. We’re building AI solutions to assist companies in meeting their compliance obligations in media they produce, which can be anything from detecting the presence of a logo in a video frame to spotting when a caller shares personal information to redact it and preserve their privacy.

About the Position

As a Data Science Engineer at Theta Lake, you will be responsible for helping to research, design, develop, and debug the video, image, and audio analysis infrastructure at the heart of Theta Lake. You will apply machine learning algorithms to diverse media data, research and develop new models and enhance existing ones. You’ll participate in all stages of the process, from formulating requirements, to data collection, coding (in python), integrating, and finally  – supporting the newly hatched feature in production. You’ll be working together with our experienced team in Berlin and in the US.

We have flexible working hours and the option of working remotely part of the time.

Things we need

  • Software engineering experience building and shipping software with a team, preferably in a multi-tenant, cloud delivery model.
  • Experience delivering and deploying a machine learning-based feature, from data collection, through algorithm selection, to visualizing results and troubleshooting.
  • Familiarity and experience with some common machine learning frameworks and the python DS stack ( TensorFlow, Pytorch, Scikit-Learn, or similar tools).

Ideally, you’d have some experience with any of the following things (or are eager to gain some!)

  • Video conferencing and content: streaming, processing, formats, tools.
  • Applying machine learning to rich media, such as automatic speech recognition, natural language processing, object detection or image recognition.
  • Other programming languages like Golang, Java.
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