Senior Full Stack Developer (m/w/d)

Job description

Stress from your landlord? Our selected partner lawyers will solve your renting problems – legally secure, fast and cost-effective. MieterEngel is the new Tenancy Protection Club, a young online platform that offers easy solutions for rental problems. Our goal: care-free living for all tenants.

We are looking for a Senior Full-Stack Developer to advance our platform and our development team. 80% of the time you will be coding yourself, 20% you will be helping your colleagues.

Your tasks as Senior Full-Stack Developer

  • Be part of our scrum team releasing new features on a Sprint basis
  • Work closely with our designers and product managers to advance our products
  • Implement full features on your own, frontend as well as backend, even in the face of tight deadlines
  • Write Unit and Integration tests every time you code new features
  • Work closely with our CTO, learn and introduce new technologies to improve our tech stack
  • As a senior developer, support your colleagues and help them to improve their skills by showing your best practices
  • Think agile: be ready to make quick moves and don’t be scared of requirement changes
  • Implement DevOps tools to speed up our internal IT processes


We put much more weight on your actual skills than your formal education. Practical experience, eagerness to learn and to give your best are of higher importance than what is written on a piece of paper. However, you will need to:

  • Master React (version 16.13) using Typescript
  • Master NodeJS using Typescript
  • High level of microservices architectural pattern
  • High level of GraphQL
  • High Level of Postgres
  • Medium to high Level of DynamoDB
  • Medium to high Level on WordPress development is a plus

What we offer

  • Work in an experienced and highly motivated team – we all had our problems with landlords and now try to help others not to suffer the same fate
  • Learn new things every day and try them out in practice
  • Freedom to directly influence the growth and direction of a startup
  • Use modern tools for your work and shape your own working environment
  • Stable start up working situation due to a broad network of investors
  • Fair compensation based on skillset


At MieterEngel we work in an international environment. Therefore the main language spoken is English. Nonetheless our product is currently focussed on the German market and speaking German is advantageous.

Our team

We are close to 30 people working together. You will work most closely with the Devs team, our Product team and our designers as well as with one of the founders.

Our interview process

Our process is based on actual work. We don’t believe in theoretical questions and instead focus on the actual work you will be doing at our company. Our process consists of the following steps:

  • A short get-to-know call mainly to answer any questions you might have
  • A Code Challenge that should take you 1-2 evenings and is based on the tech stack that we currently use
  • A day on site to get to now the team and our way of working.

Starting time

We are flexible on starting arrangements but will give preference to candidates with similar skill sets who are able to start earlier.

Type of job: full-time

Annual salary: 58.000,00€ – 70.000,00€

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