Senior Fullstack Engineer

Ever got annoyed by having to talk to sales people to understand a SaaS product? Or ever felt like a self-serve developer tool was far from self-explanatory?

At pyne we believe that onboarding to products should be as enjoyable as onboarding to video games. And we achieve this via AI-led in-product demos. No more generic product experiences; no more sales people bugging you to upgrade. Just an engaging and well-informed avatar co-browsing with you through the most important features.

Pyne raised €2.6 million pre-seed round from Lightspeed, SquareOne and others. The team is based in Berlin.


As a Senior Fullstack Engineer, you will work on stuff that our users will see and care about.

  • Writing code is just one part of your job. You’ll also talk to users, get involved with design, and develop an opinion on what needs to exist in the world. Then you’ll move with urgency to make it happen.
  • Design and implement an analytics feature (database schema, API, client-side tracking, basic UI)
  • Build a backend process to analyze session recordings and create AI-generated product tours
  • Work with customers to test and iterate on new features
  • Choose the right technologies based on a problem set, contextual technologies, and team capabilities

Our tech stack is:

  • Tech: React, Typescript, Tailwind, Next.js, Python, PostgreSQL, OpenAI
  • Hosting: Render, Supabase, Cloudflare
  • Workflow: GitHub, Notion, Figma, Retool


  • 5+ years of Fullstack experience and a strong product-mind
  • Care more about outcomes and impact than the exact implementation, or the tools used to solve the problem
  • Experience with Javascript, Git, HTML, and CSS, and proficiency in at least one other programming language
  • Experience with a modern Javascript framework such as Vue, React, etc.
  • Experience with relational databases like Postgres and SQL
  • Basic experience in DevOps (CI/CD, Automated Testing, cloud environments, command line, git, etc.)
  • You enjoy getting to results fast and holding others and yourself accountable for hitting goals


💸 Attractive compensation package, including stock options

🧠 Professional coaching from an external topic-expert you select together with us

💻 Any hardware you need to accomplish your work

🕊️ Lots of freedom to make your own decisions

🛋️ Beautiful office in Berlin Mitte and regular team events

Hiring Process

1. Intro Call with Viktoria, Head of Ops (25 mins)
2. Tech Deep Dive with Carsten, Senior Fullstack Engineer (30 mins)
3. Take-home coding challenge (you will have 48 hours to complete) and we will schedule a presentation (1h)
4. Final Interview with Roman, CEO and Founder (45 mins)
5. Get an offer 🥳

We are excited to hear from you!