Senior Javascript Developer – 40 Hours- Fixed

Ready to shake up old habits from the corporate world with AI and VR? Keen to go tech to the future and create the new norm of HR management? If yes, you just found THE place to work!

Resourceful Humans is an award winning technology company, creating bleeding edge performance management softwares to visualize companies as networks instead of hierarchies. We create VR video games inspired by the adventures of great leaders. Our main goal is to support organisations on the quest to understand and benefit from the true potential of their (human) teams.

How could you contribute?

  • Lead code reviews with your teammates and make decisions on the structural design.
  • Conduct performance tests and resolve issues as they appear.
  • Run reviews to guarantee the structure and design of the applications follow standards and guidelines.
  • Set up automated testing.
  • Solve complex CSS and HTML compatibility issues in legacy browsers.
  • Review the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and Section 508, so that they are being applied sufficiently throughout the project.
  • Decide on UI architecture, interactions and behaviors with REST APIs or any other mechanism to process data (GraphQL, etc.).
  • Document and assist in defining the functional and technical requirements for different applications.
  • Evaluate new frameworks and tools that can be integrated into the existing applications without breaking previous implementations.
  • Implement front-end development workflows: building systems, dependency management, quality checkers (linting).
  • Create pattern libraries and style guides according to the project’s requirements.


  • JavaScript: React and/or React Native
  • Data management: Apollo GraphQL
  • Data visualization: D3.js
  • An interest in three.js and VR web applications. These will be the next steps in our products.
  • HTML5.
  • Advanced CSS features such as animations, Grid CSS.
  • CSS: Bootstrap and any other frameworks.
  • Preprocessors: LESS, SASS.
  • Responsive Web Design and Development (includes device debugging).
  • Accessibility: WCAG 2.0 AA and AAA. Section 508.**

Tools: React, React Native, Travis CI, Sentry, Github, Gitlab, Gulp and Webpack, npm, unit testing, e2e testing, integration testing. Accessibility tools: Tenon, SortSite, Axe, WAVE, etc.

As a new crew member in our development team, you ideally… have +4 years software engineering experience are self-organized, passionate & fully committed speak English fluently (fluent German would be a plus) are caring and think of others first are okay with Harvey (the office dog)

Working at RH, but why?

We offer you a flexible and geeky work environment with amazing coffee! :) (Flexibility means you can determine your working hours and where you work from as long as it is aligned with your crew and your contributions.)

  • Competitive salary including a peer validated bonus and employee shares
  • You will work in one of the coolest European cities: Berlin
  • You will be part of a crew that will impact the way collaboration is approached at a large scale (inducing a shift in overall working culture)
  • You will work in and shape a committed and truly diverse, growing team
  • You are never alone. The crew members are always happy to support you.
  • We aim to stay together until retirement or until a learning journey stops – but don’t worry, we have much room for learning and development
  • And… get an individual budget for development that can be spent without any approvals

Curious? What are you waiting for? Apply and meet us.

Want to know more about us? Check our website: https://resourceful-humans.com/