Senior Ruby and/or Typescript Backend Engineer (m/w/d)

The role

  • You will work with the development team on the backend systems that power our therapy platform which is one of the leading digital. applications for guided and unguided treatment for mental health
  • Together with the product team and your developer colleagues in the front-end you implement the vision of creating a product that helps people with mental problems to track their feelings and emotions and work on validated exercises as well as to get in touch with a professional psychotherapist via our proprietary video-therapy platform
  • You play a key role in the technical strategy and the realization of our product vision with significant contributing to the overall success of our product and thus to the emotional health of thousands of users
  • You have a high impact on the engineering culture where developers enjoy working and keep learning constantly

Your profile

  • You have a track record in building rock solid backend applications in agile environments
  • Ideally, you have worked in a regulated environment and know how to deal with sensitive (patient) data and state-of-the art security measures
  • We develop with TypeScript and Ruby on Rails. Therefore extensive experience with either one of these (at least 3 years, better more than 5) or at least one of these or any other Object Oriented or functional language (like JavaScript, Java, Python, Go, Ruby, Swift, etc.) is required
  • You have experience in test-driven development. We work extensively with test frameworks like Jest to ensure we have 100% test coverage throughout
  • Experience with cloud platforms such as Google Cloud, AWS, Heroku or Azure
  • You have very good knowledge of Git, development workflow automation and CI (Github Actions, Gitlab CI, Travis, Jenkins, CircleCI…). Continuous Delivery is in our DNA
  • Fluency with Docker, Kubernetes, and Istio is an advantage. We use Helm charts to define our dockerized application infrastructure with code
  • You have an appreciation for great user experience that is enabled through a great backend as much as for sustainable and modern tech architecture
  • You are great at communicating with people, motivating everyone and getting the whole team on the same page if needed
  • Fluency in English, German is a plus
  • Through our nature as a regulated medical device, we put a lot of emphasis into secure applications, documentation, verification, and validation to make sure our products are both: beneficial and safe at the same time. This comes with its own challenges for sure, but at the same time provides us the opportunity to deliver a product that really is meaningful, unique in the market and helps people (more than yet another food delivery service probably)
  • The most important one: willingness to learn. We are constantly learning new things and we enjoy it a lot. We don’t expect to find people experienced in all of them. If you are excited about our tech-stack and you think you are a fast learner, do not hesitate to apply!

The Company 

According to the WHO, mental disorders rank among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide, affecting approx. 450 million people globally. Stigmatization, a lack of therapeutic capacities and high entry barriers into treatment lead to a high percentage of people receiving no or inadequate treatment.

With MindDoc, we deliver high-quality therapy and self-management tools for people suffering from mental diseases like depression, anxiety, eating or compulsory disorders with different intensity and forms of treatment. We combine our in-depth understanding of psychotherapy with a strong technological platform that enables patients to access our services easily, quickly, and seamlessly to improve their health and increase the quality of life.

Currently, we cover two products:

MindDoc as a telemedicine platform for outpatient psychotherapy via video and chat – delivered by licensed psychotherapists and in cooperation with >10 health insurance companies in Germany, MindDoc has been available – at full reimbursement – for ~25 million insured persons in Germany for several years now. The therapy is delivered over our proprietary web application.

MindDoc monitoring and self-management as the leading app in monitoring and self-management of general mental diseases and their symptoms which as already downloaded more than 3 million times and is regularly used by ten thousands of users globally.

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