Senior Software Engineer, Backend

Our story:

Our story began when our founding team launched a mobile cryptocurrency exchange product in late 2017 called Coinance. After three months of operations and acquiring over 10,000 users, Coinance was pulled from the AppStore for not properly identifying its users in compliance with KYC (know your customer) regulations. During the search for a solution, the founders became convinced that there was a large opportunity to build an identity verification tool that was easy for engineering teams to integrate and empowered end-users with privacy and security. Fast-forward two years and the team has raised $8m in venture financing with several hundred customers building with our identity system. After having grown 14x over the last year, we need to continue growing our world-class engineering team. This means even more space for innovation and collaboration.

What we do:

We are Passbase, and our goal is to empower the world with a digital identity system that puts you, the individual, first. We give developers a set of tools to integrate into their facial recognition, liveness detection, ID authenticity checks, and ID information extraction, while also baking in privacy protections that allow individual users to control their own identity data – creating a more privacy-centric future.

What we’re looking for:

Passbase’s growth has created an opportunity for an ambitious Senior Software Engineer. If you value autonomy and the responsibility that comes with it; if you are keen on learning, experimenting, and learning from failure; if you do not accept low effort and strive to continually improve yourself and your team; if you have a voice and want to use it; if you aspire to help others with your work, then Passbase is for you. We want your expertise to expand on our success and bring Passbase to the next level.

Being a Senior Software Engineer at Passbase means:

  • You get concrete end goals with the context, autonomy, and responsibility to achieve. Full autonomy is difficult to navigate, so we offer support for those who strive for it.
  • You are a master of your trade. We believe that a Senior Engineer should understand how computers and software work; realize that there is no one language or solution for everything, and analyze to make decisions about what is needed to achieve a proper solution.
  • You maintain high standards. It is easy to be seduced by a fast and dirty solution and we believe it takes character to stand up and remind everyone of our high standards.
  • You pay it forward. You use your experience and values to help the people around you grow and reach their potential.
  • You are a believer in our mission to build the identity layer of the internet.
  • You follow the golden rule. You treat others as equal partners and you want to be treated as an equal partner.
  • You are humble. We all make mistakes. It is important to accept this from ourselves and others and grow together.


  • Strong understanding of computer science, software, hardware, data structures, and algorithms
  • 2-3 years of experience working with Ruby (Go experience is plus)
  • 1-2 years of experience with Kafka
  • Proven experience with modern microservices and cloud-based architectures
  • Familiarity with big data and database systems
  • Passion for high performant services, high availability, reliability, and consistency
  • The skills to be autonomous: critical thinking and design, confidence and compassion, focus on solutions, knowledge and vision sharing, cooperation, and the ability to make decisions with incomplete information


  • A chance to work on one of the most exciting problems of the 21st century – building the identity layer of the internet
  • A diverse international team backed by leading VC investors
  • Regular team events
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Flexible schedule and work from home opportunities (more specifically a post-COVID world)
  • A personal wellness, mental health, and learning & development budget
  • A chance to be a part of Passbase’s Employee Resource Groups (ERG)

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