Software Engineer – JavaScript

We are looking for an experienced Software Engineer to join our well-funded Startup to build our products and software team.

🧑‍💻 You

  • know React, TypeScript, Node.js
  • ideally also React-Native, Firebase, Expo
  • love good food as much as we do

🧑‍💼 We

  • create the infrastructure for local food
  • help you grow personally & professionally
  • offer competitive salary and employee stock options
  • provide an opportunity to help build a product and company

About Hier / What we do

Building the infrastructure for local food trade

Join us in our mission to improve direct trade between local food producers and their customers. We enable more suppliers to sell to retail by digitising the ordering process for Supermarkets and Suppliers.

Why we do it
Local Food for Everyone

At Hier, we ❤ food. We love shopping for great ingredients, cooking, and having friends and family over for a great meal. From this, we’ve discovered that food from local producers tastes fresher, is more nutritious and is better for the world 🌏.

We’ve found that though there are family businesses who put their hearts and souls into making great tasting produce; fresh vegetables, meat, dairy & even local specialities, yet it can seem much easier to source food from cities that are anywhere but close by. At Hier we want to improve local food trade to be en paar with the global food chain that’s evermore efficient and connected. We connect ambitious retailers with local producers and provide tools and services that allow them to grow. We want to bring local food to where your buy your groceries.

The Role

As part of our company, Hier builds a web & native App solution for supermarkets and farmers alike, and to ensure we’re building the right solutions for our customers we keep in touch with our them on a daily basis. If we want to get more specific, at Hier we value our customers problems over solutions, testing over assumptions and creating experiences rather than features.

Your role*

We built our MVP on top of reliable front-end libraries (Expo + React Native, React on Web) and integrated cloud services (Node.js on Google Firebase Functions and Realtime Database) to quickly create and iterate our first product with early users.

We value constant improvement over right-from-the-start, testing over planning, data before opinion, solving problemsand creating experiences above building features, talking above requirements, using great services above building them ourselves, diversity over consensus and readability over elegance.

We are looking for an experienced Software Engineer who loves to work across the stack to improve our current app and infrastructure (polish, performance and reliability), create our next product from scratch and help build the team and culture we always wanted to be a part of.

The qualifications and experiences above are a guide, and we’d still love to hear from candidates with more or less experience, provided the requisite skills can be demonstrated.

We’d love to hear from you

We are especially excited to hear from groups under-represented in Software Development including but not limited to BiPoC, those who are disabled, migrants, people with a migrant background, LGBTQIA. We believe that you can be a great fit for the role regardless of your background, religion, family structure and all the small things that make you, you.

Our environment

  • A small team with a range of personalities and backgrounds
  • A friendly team that embraces both in-person contact at our office in Prenzlauerberg as well as remote setup
  • A nurturing environment that encourages development as a software engineer
  • Time for social contact – particularly during COVID, with our morning social club ☕️, Tuesday lunches (home delivered! ) 🌯, and Thursday breakfasts 🥐 together.

Meet the team

Starting at Hier, you’ll be working with and alongside Kathryn Hing, Misha Reyzlin, Abhishiv Saxena, Marian Beutherand Mark Jäger.

Hier is a venture-backed company from Berlin and beyond. Our Founders Lara Hämmerle whom previously founded Fintech Vantik and Mark Jäger previously founding Marketplace Stuffle, are from families of growers and merchants and together have 25 yrs of experience in building and growing digital products.

Our Office

We share our office with Github Co-Founders’ new startup Chatterbug at the SCNE in Berlin. We love animals and if you have a dog (or anything else) feel free to bring it to the office. While we love having people around, more than half the team is remote.

💌 Is this you?

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