VR Developer


Ready to work without a boss? Ready to work from wherever you want, after a Berlin based on-boarding process?

Ready to go Tech to the Future and share an office with a VR Submarine and a DeLorean time-machine?

At Resourceful Humans we are so out of the box, we forgot where we put the damn box.

We are an award winning technology company creating bleeding edge performance management software to enable teams and companies to work as networks instead of hierarchies.

We do this with a videogame inspired AI ally called AImee, whose job it is to make you the best version of yourself (and to crack you up).

Still not enough?

Well, we also create kick-ass multiplayer VR videogames based on the adventures of great leaders. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Now we are looking for a courageous Unreal VR gameplay developer to research, experiment and code at the intersection of gaming, management and just plain WOW.


You’ll be prototyping the sh**t out of stuff that has never been done.

Anywhere. Not Google. Not Facebook. Not Apple.

Nowhere. We need to maintain and tweak our existing games, and want to create the most amazing single and multiplayer training experiences anywhere, inspired by real-life leadership adventures.

We want you to make Tony Stark jealous and Elon Musk tweet about us!

Down and dirty, you will need experience with the following soft stuff:

  • Passionate about programming as an art-form. We had a CTO who believed that coding was like shoveling sh*t with a hammer.
  •  Self-Organization skills: We don’t give orders. You won’t have a boss. You will be expected to find your own work and complete it, based on our overall priorities. Basically we are asking you to be an adult at work.
  • Communication skills: We want you passionate. Yelling is ok to fight for your ideas if it comes from the heart, not your ego.
    No one will throw ashtrays at you (again)

And the following hard stuff:

  • Using Unreal Engine, develop new functionality to improve Virtual Reality (VR) capability for design, review, and collaboration
  • Excellent VR programming and visualization skills
  • Experience with multiplayer in Unreal Engine 4
  • C++ and Python experience
  • Exposure to 3D interactive development or having shipped a game
  • Background working on real-time gameplay mechanics or games systems
  • Experience writing tools that improve user experience and are reliably stable on deployment
  • Strong desire to build stuff that never existed before

Bonus points:

  • You have a VR rig
  • Experience with Git
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Suit
  • Experience with interfacing external devices via APIs and protocols
  • Experience scripting for Maya, Substance Designer, Blender, 3ds Max and other DCCs

German proficiency, besides english, is a plus. You can be junior, but you cannot be chicken. ‘Cause we are going Tech to the Future’.


We are literally doing stuff that’s never been done. Merging making movies, interactive gaming and VR, while the other half of the team is visualizing organizations as living systems in real-time.
So you need a crazy passion for computational and interface design with a strong interest in generative and procedural design processes.
Your contributions are likely something that has never existed before, has no benchmark and no clear design brief, so you need to be able to think on your feet and deal with a high level of ambiguity.
On the upside, what you create is going to change the world.
Your contribution will help thousands of people make better decisions and create more humane workplaces, by creating data-driven products that enable kick-ass decision making in a peer-to-peer world.

You’ll probably be feeling comfortable with us, if you describe yourself as:

  • Caring & Think of Others first
  • Tolerant for a family run business (crazy founders)
  • Totally fascinated by AI, Visualizations and VR
  • Self-Organized, Passionate & fully Committed

We offer the possibility of working from anywhere (after a Berlin based on-boarding), a peer-bonus system, and unlimited vacations based on your personal needs.


Resourceful Humans is an award winning hybrid technology / consulting company founded by Angela Maus and Heiko Fischer in 2011.
The main office is located in Berlin, Germany with outposts in Serbia.
Resourceful Humans is dedicated to enabling companies and teams to abandon hierarchy, politics & bureaucracy and work as smart, entrepreneurial networks.
The company’s goal is to provide individuals in organizations with intuitive digital workout tools for performance, feedback and meeting management.
It won the prestigious HR Excellence Award as Innovation of the Year for democratizing Haufe umantis, as well as being praised by global Business Gurus Gary Hamel and David Marquet as THE way to create leaders at every level.
With the VR DIVE, a VR experience RH is providing a worldwide unique training format that brings people and change management to the next era.


  1. Check the boxes with our soft, hard and bonus requirements honestly
  2. Tell us very briefly why you’d love to work with RH more than with anybody else and how we could help you develop your talents
  3. Send us a link to a Demo of your Skallz (not a typo): Make a one-minute interactive VR experience that teaches us something about you

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