Digital/Online marketeer for scale up!

Country manager to open up German market 2020.

Get Driven is one of the most successful scale-ups in Belgium the last 3 years. We provide a new approach in macro mobility targeting business people. Most of the C level business people own a car and when traveling from city to city, or meeting far outside the cities we notice those people find it hard to travel effectively. Eventually they\’ll drive their car and lose a lot of time driving, being stuck in traffic and looking for a parking spot. Get Driven is an app where you book a certified driver in YOUR car. We do not own of provide cars, only drivers on demand: students and freelancers.  Get Driven had established a recurring revenue of 150K/month in Belgium in 3 years and we want to realize the same in 18 months in Germany. Please note that we are a self funded company, we do not throw millions of marketing budget out of the windows. We try to generate a healthy grow.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a digital marketeer talent, junior or senior! We believe in talented and hungry people and not purely on resume.

We are looking for someone who is skilled and excited to co-launch a totally new concept in a new market and willing to walk the extra mile. We are looking for someone who never gives up and is familiar with the saying \”work hard, play hard\”. Nothing comes easy, but after target get reached, rewards are in place. We believe in young talent so do not hesitate if you\’re age 23+ .

What do we expect you to do?

You will be the digital marketeer and in this phase an important asset for our German adventure. We need to set up campaigns to recruit drivers (freelancers, students, employees) and map where we have traction. We do this on all kinds of platforms and strategies. Once the driver side is completed we need you to make sure we get found by potential customers. Set up influencer campaigns, give aways, google optimalisation, landingspages, ….

Don’t forget we have a very fast growing market in Belgium which will need your help too!

Who do you work with?

Our founder and CEO Gunther Ghysels moved out to Berlin for at least 6 months to work with you closely to generate first traction. Our founder is 27 years old and was awarded \”Young entrepreneur of the year\” in Belgium in 2019. Together you will generate the first results and built from there the further expansion. We have offices in the Factory Berlin.

What do we offer?

We offer a market conform salary and extralegal advantages. We’re in an early stage in Germany so career options are definitely in the pipeline.

We offer the chance to build a successful company who has proven success in other countries. A young and dynamic company ready to take on the world.