Intern Software Developer / Maker / Internet of Things (f/m/d) // devguard

Juni 3, 2019

We at devguard make things, a lot of things. And all the things we make have internet. Sometimes the actual Internet (the tubes where the cats go through), we also work on electric car board networks, electric charging infrastructure, and generally any computer network with the goal of keeping our planet vaguely habitable.


  • no pants required. We do home office. Unless we work on cars, then pants are very much required for reasons.
  • Interns choose what they would like to work on. You hack on whatever product and have fun learning stuff.
  • Ah yes, money. Yes, that too.


  • Basic linux programming. If did pet a physical server once, that counts too. Goood server.
  • If you think you don’t qualify because “you don’t know hardware”, apply anyway. You’ll learn it. We also make websites.
  • preferably local in Berlin/Germany, because cars are hard to send over slack

Apply, get paid, win some internet.

send fresh memes to [email protected] . If you’ve ever hacked an arduino or some sort of hardware, send a picture!

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