Senior Product Manager

About Skyland Wealth

Skyland Wealth has established what will be the world’s largest network for ultra-high-net-worth individuals, family offices and foundations. Connected by technology and shared values, we enable unique business, investment and personal connections. We see wealth as an opportunity and create it, both for the network and society.

Shape, strategize and deliver a unique digital experience. Our ideal candidate:

  • Very good English skills is an absolute necessity and if the same is true for German, even better;
  • You have at least five years of experience in a startup and have already proven that you can successfully work in an agile environment within a team of developers, UX designers and management.
  • The almost complete development of a web app/native app is nothing new for you;
  • With your successfully completed studies, you primarily show the outside world that you can persistently pursue a goal over time and bring it to completion. You have acquired your knowledge primarily on your own because the subject matter fascinates you and not because someone gives you a good grade for it;
  • You are ambitious, enjoy challenges and inspire others. The words “this-is-not-my-job” do not appear in your vocabulary;
  • You have experience in defining KPIs to best test, monitor and adjust user behavior and the impact of your product, as well as its functionalities;
  • “Attention to detail” is your personal advertising slogan;
  • You are a multi-tasker, have project management experience and bring a high level of personal responsibility to the table. Organizing yourself successfully as well as meeting deadlines at all times is one of your virtues;
  • “Discretion” is your middle name.

A selection of topics you will be working on:

  • You are an essential part of the management team and in close and constant exchange with us founders;
  • You are the most important link between the tech, the vision, the design, the budget, the strategy, the marketing, the users and the ideas of us, the founders. Your word and opinion counts;
  • You proactively improve our product with your own ideas, working daily with the programmers and the design team and overseeing the realization of your user stories from one sprint to the next;
  • You work closely with the Business Development department and coordinate the issues to be prioritized here as well;
  • You shape the face of our product to the outside world and are responsible for monitoring and actively soliciting user feedback;
  • You are responsible for continuously improving our platform to ensure customer satisfaction and minimize churn.

Why this position is the challenge you have been waiting for: 

  • Infinite potential in every respect;
  • Unmatched freedom and personal responsibility;
  • Be your own boss, do your thing and build your own team over time;
  • We want to build a real family business in the very long term. We are not “serial founders” and don’t hop to the next opportunity in five years.

Become part of our vision and belong to the 1% who make 99% possible.