Business Developer

Who we’re looking for

Our aim is to support farmers to convert to rotational grazing. If we can generate additional revenue streams for the farmer using sustainable practices, we will create a massive incentive transforming agriculture across the globe.

The two biggest potentials we see for additional revenue streams are

  • carbon credits that are generated by sequestering organic carbon in the soil, and
  • selling produce at premium prices for certifying sustainable practices

We are looking for a person with a business development background, who deeply cares about sustainable farming, and who wants to help farmers unlock their potential for becoming a driving force in reversing global warming.


  • Develop and execute on carbon sales and supply chain verification strategy
  • Engage new potential partners and multipliers
  • Do financial modelling and forecasting
  • Take part in fundraising activities
  • Draft legal agreements
  • Write grant applications


  • Previous experience as co-founder or business developer in an early stage startup
  • Experience in B2B sales, financial modelling and project management
  • Good understanding of the carbon market and supply chain verification
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Organized and self-sufficient

How to Apply

Send a mail to hello@ruumi.io and include your favourite animal emoji in the subject and any other information that you think might be relevant.